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A rainbow of hand dyed onesies using Dylon Permanent Fabric Dyes in China Blue, Bahama Blue, Tropical Green, Sunflower Yellow, Goldfish Orange and Tulip Red.

Easily add a pop of color to children’s clothes with Dylon dyes

This week I'm playing with Dylon's selection of fabric dyes.Tuesday we looked at their Permanent Fabric dyes and yesterday I experimented ...
Use fabric dyes to over dye fabrics to get different and unexpected results.

3 essential tips for fabric dyeing success using Dylon Permanent Fabric Dyes

This week I'm sharing my experiences with Dylon fabric dyes. Yesterday I outlined the tools that you'll need for fabric ...
Squirt bottles can be used to paint fabric with Dylon Permanent Fabric Dyes for an easy and fun project.

10 essential tools for using Dylon fabric dyes

I recently received some packages of Dylon Multi-Purpose and Permanent Fabric Dyes. As a quilter, I do a lot of ...