5 items to include on your quilt label

The most important, yet most neglected part of the quilt Go ahead, admit it… You made quilts, finished them and perhaps even gifted them without a label. Right? Really, how important is a label anyway, the person you’re giving the quilt to knows it came from you. And doesn’t it…

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7 Quilting design elements to add personality

Before we reveal the two quilts for the What’s Good for the Gal, is Good for the Guy quilt challenge in the QUILTsocial eZine spring issue, let me give you a ‘tour’ of the design process and elements and the inspiration behind it. Here are 7 quilting design elements to…

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Quilting the Challenge Quilt

The past few days I have been getting the quilt top finished and ready for the quilting stage. It has been a lot of fun seeing how the the three different blocks and the applique pieces for the What’s Good For the Gal Is Good For the Guy quilt have…

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