satin stitch

10 tips for machine applique

Wasn’t that fun yesterday? It’s so easy to use decorative stitches. Today, we’re going to have a look at 10 tips for machine applique with the Husqvarna Viking Designer Jade | 35. As a quilt instructor, machine applique is one area where I often see sewing machines don’t perform as…

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10 tips for satin stitch applique

Welcome back. Today we’re going to see how the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 930 shines when it comes to applique. Not only is the quality of the satin stitch amazing, but there are features on the Sapphire 930 that make the applique process so easy – you will NOT want to…

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What you should know about fusible web

Today is applique day! Applique is one of my favorite ways to embellish a quilt. My favorite method of applique is with fusible web and stitching everything down with the machine. If I had to do needle turn applique which I think is just gorgeous we wouldn’t finish this project…

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