JoyOS Advisor and built-in manual make sewers happy

What do you think so far? The physical features of the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC are outstanding, but there’s a whole lot more. Let’s turn on the sewing machine and see what’s inside. Trust me, it’s going to be exciting! JoyOS Advisor When the Designer EPIC is first turned on,…

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Fray Check makes the woven heart stronger

These next steps for making a cheerful Scandinavian-inspired quilted wall hanging, will have a lot of help from Fray Check, a stabilizer, the running and zigzag stitches. Now that the cut edges of the basket have been stabilized by the skillful application of Fray Check, let’s get it ready for…

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Making quilting fabric with built-in stitches

I’m a BIG believer in getting to know the stitches on the sewing machine. My PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro has over 690 stitches, 8 fonts plus the super groovy Stitch Creator Function which allows me to alter any of those stitches or even create my own from scratch. Now that’s…

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