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YES, it’s an AWESOME quilting blog, but wait!…it’s also a weekly giveaway, a monthly newsletter, and a quarterly magazine focused on the love and art of making quilts. Best of all, it’s ALL FREE from the publishers of A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine.

QUILTsocial was created for all quilters, beginners and experts alike, to empower them with the skills, techniques, and creativity required to make quilts that will be cherished forever. Our goal is also to keep viewers abreast of new quilting products, and how to use them effectively to make quilting easier and enjoyable.

QUILTsocial features a variety of knowledgeable and impassioned guest bloggers and contributors, each bringing their own unique perspective.

We hope you’ll LOVE QUILTsocial as a place of reference, learning, and most of all inspiration, and that in doing so you’ll share the material with like-minded friends.

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Most cheerfully,

Carla A. Canonico
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief


  1. Trish Bishop

    Trying to download past issues. When I got to Issue 6 I ran into $4.95 fee? Please advise. Trying to load up prior to overseas flightTbanks

    • Hi Trish. Issues 1 to 5 are always free. As of Issue 6, our issues are free to download for a month after they’re released, and $4.95 afterwards. By joining our newsletter list, you’ll now be notified when new issues become available and you’ll have the opportunity to download them free within the first month. Right now Issue 13 is still available as a free download for about another week.

  2. Lana

    I feel like I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There is so much info on your site. I have been exploring it for over an hour now and have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

    • Sondra Armas

      Hi Lana!

      We are glad you found our website! please feel free to explore as much as you like! we have tons of information and tutorials for you! Also, remember we have weekly giveaways don’t miss them! take care!

  3. Debra

    Is there anyway that I can get any back copies of the magazine in print.I am willing to pay.

  4. Val Ursulak

    Hi- please sign me up for your blog – great information and inspiration! Thank you

    • Thank you Val! You can sign up to receive our new posts by email through Bloglovin’…visit our About page and you’ll see the Bloglovin’ sign-up box in the left column.

  5. Lovely new blog! Live to see A Needle Pulling Thread online. I’m joining up.

    • Thank you Caroline! So happy to hear you’re enjoying QUILTsocial.com and A Needle Pulling Thread magazine!

  6. Roberta Hoag

    I cannot get the PDF for the new magazine. I have tried several times with 2 different email addresses. Please Help

    • We were having slight malfunctions with the download, all is fixed and should work now.

  7. June Perreault

    I am enjoying your blog. Please sign me up.

  8. Eileen

    Love the blog, I am sure I will be visiting many more times. Thank you

  9. Lovely blog. Is it possible for the organizers of the annual outdoor quilt show at Black Creek Pioneer Village, Toronto, ON called “Quilts at the Creek” to advertise and/or promote the show? Can we add a link to our blog?

    • Hi Jane,
      We’ll be adding event listings shortly, please check back in a few weeks. PS: I love this event, I attend every year!

  10. Skip Young

    Please advise how I may obtain issues1 through 4 of your excellent newsletters.

    Many thanks

    Skip Young

  11. Nancy Harkey

    When will this terrific magazine be available at the newsstand, rather than online? Having to load all this memory into my computer is playing havoc !!! I would like to download onto a disc; however, there does not appear to be any method available as the “disc” is grayed-out. Please advise Thanks

    • John De Fusco

      Hi Nancy thank you for your inquiry, so many have asked the availability of QUILTsocial eZine on newsstands, but it’s an online publication with the option of getting it printed individually from your computer and delivered to your home. You’ll find this option on Issuu.

    • Hi Nancy thank you for your inquiry, so many have asked the availability of QUILTsocial eZine on newsstands, but it’s an online publication with the option of getting it printed individually from your computer and delivered to your home. You’ll find this option on Issuu.

  12. Katy Lillie

    I look forward to seeing your news in my mailbox. Thank you for starting my subscription.

  13. Katy Lillie

    I look forward to your news in my mailbox! I’m reading the vacation tips to my husband!

  14. Barbara Winkler

    I love all the tutorials and tips you provide.

  15. Liz T

    Just received the Winter edition of Quilt Social. Received Valentine’s Day. We’re you intending that or was it a little late? I would have preferred to get the Valentine’s mug rug ideas before. Of course I can use for 2016 inspiration. And the rest of the winter edition was not as time sensitive …..I really liked reading the mag. The information is good and the pics are great quality; great styling …..I’m liking this Quilt Social publication. Thanks!

  16. Willy Triveri

    Hi there:
    Do enjoy Quilt Social and the giveaways and projects. Do hope to be a winner some day.

  17. I am interested in advertising possibilities. Please contact me. Happy New Year!

  18. susan landells

    i’m very excited about this blog….sign me up

    • Carla A. Canonico

      So excited that you’re excited about QUILTsocial! After all, it was created with excitement as well…To sign up, just click on the ‘sign up’ button at the right, when you enter your email ID you’ll receive an email with a link to your free edition of Elaine’s Tech Tips, a must for avid quilters!

  19. The new website looks AWESOME Carla!! I especially like the image in the header (but I may be a bit biased LOL) Congratulations!!!

  20. Stella Callighen

    Looking forward to this subscription…recommended to me by Nancy Devine.

    • Carla A. Canonico

      Thanks Stella!

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