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When you find a vinyl mesh pouch that's too big, trim it to fit your needs.

Sew Easy Templates make perfect circles and hexies

The outside of our pret-a-porter portfolio is looking gorgeous! Let's get the inside scoop and use Sew Easy Templates to ...
Audition your materials. I thought I might use a vintage buckle or two...but decided against it. Playing around with treasures in your stash is all part of the fun!

Stitching a portfolio with circle and hexagon templates

When I was a kid, the women of my family would show up with for a visit with their creative ...
Tools used in free motion quilting include quilting gloves to provide a good grip on the fabric.

Free Motion Quilting aka Free Mo is Preemo!

Free motion quilting is indeed preemo, let's discover why. When we last left our too-small T-shirt, it was on its ...