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One placemat with fabric right side up and one with wrong side up.

How to create woven Holiday Ribbons on placemats using fabric and threads

In this week's blog posts I'm focusing on WonderFil's rayon thread packs. There are over 20 different thread packs that ...
WonderFil's Pumpkin rayon thread pack

In decorative stitching, the magic is in the rayon threads

I'm spending this week sharing some simple placemat projects using WonderFil's rayon thread packs. Yesterday I stitched some hexagon placemats ...
WonderFil rayon thread packs

Hexagon Placemats: creating your own fabrics using WonderFil Thread Packs

This week I'm going to be stitching with WonderFil Specialty Thread's rayon thread packs. These little boxes of thread hold ...