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2 projects to guide your kids in fabric painting

by Claire Haillot

In yesterday’s post, I gave the basic steps to using Mont Marte Fabric Paint sticks, which fabric I used and the size of project. Today I’ll show how to make 2 projects to guide your kids in a new fabric painting adventure using Mont Marte Fabric Paint Sticks, just in case your child has no idea what to paint! This will surely jumpstart their creativity.

Mont Marte Fabric Paint Sticks featuring 9 glorious colors for painting on fabrics

Project 1 – Making a chevron style tote

Once your fabric is set on a surface (I used Fabric Creations Muslin), use painter’s masking tape to form a 16″ square in the center. Use an air erasable pencil along with your quilting ruler to draw a vertical line every 2″. Then mark a few lines at 45° in order to create chevron shapes. You don’t need to mark everywhere… just a few so you remember the way the angles go in each column.

Chevron style tote: mark fabric with air erasable pencil

Start with one Mont Marte Fabric Paint Stick and randomly paint one line in each column. Then repeat with every color. Once you’ve used all of your markers, count the number of lines in each row to ensure you have 9 in each. Then repeat the process as often as necessary until you’re satisfied with the look.

Start with one fabric paint stick and randomly paint one line in each column. Then repeat with every color.

Keep in mind this is a long project demanding somewhat more attention than the other projects. I ended up finishing as my kids lost interest. It’s kind of like making a puzzle!

Completed painted design of Chevron tote bag

Project 2 – Making a geometric shaped tote

Geometric shapes on the other hand are easier and faster. Start by positioning painter’s tape all over the fabric to create geometric shapes. Once again, make sure the fabric is secured onto a surface and won’t move when you start painting. I also recommend leaving a clearance space of about 2″ around… but my kids obviously don’t listen to me.

Tape geometric shapes on fabric

Painting geometric shapes

Now remember this is a fun project to make with your kids. There are no bad choices of design or colors. It’s a great way to learn to let go and leave them the space they need to ignite their creativity. And relax! Everything can be washed away with water! It’s really fun and easy to do. Making art is a great way to relieve stress and using these beautiful colors will bring them lots of joy…

Finished design of Geometric Shape tote bag

I hope you have found these 2 projects helpful in guiding your kids in new fabric painting projects. Come back tomorrow with more great ideas on how to use Mont Marte fabric paint.

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