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3 top features of the PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro

3 top features of the PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro

by Gail Berry-Graham

It doesn’t matter what the temperature gauge says or the calendar, once Labor Day is over and the kids are back in school it’s fall time for me. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, the anticipation of the beautiful colors and crisp evenings, a chance to decorate for thanksgiving and Halloween. Getting out those flannel quilts to extend our summer evenings on the porch and of course back, glorious fall, it’s serious quilting time with PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro sewing and embroidery machine. I couldn’t possibly tell you all this machine has to offer in just a few paragraphs here but I can just give you 3 top features of the PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro today.

This machine may have hit the market a couple of years ago but in my opinion it’s still the BEST one out there. This top of the line machine has absolutely everything a girl (or guy) could want and more. I’m making it my mission to take advantage of all it has to offer.

1. It’s just plain sleek and elegant and never complains

Now this isn’t an actual reason I love my machine but it sure doesn’t hurt either. It’s just plain sleek and elegant. I won’t buy a machine based on looks alone, after all it’s not a pair of shoes. I need my machine to accomplish a lot, and I mean a lot of quilting and embroidery and sometimes embroidery though all three layers of my quilt. All that being said, it’s a machine that just looks nice, you know, it’s classy. Yet for all its elegance and class it’s friendly and easy to use and just works so hard and never complains–not like me at all!

More than just a pretty design

More than just a pretty design

2. IDT system, don’t live without it!

I know, I know, if you’ve read any of my other posts you think I go on and on about IDT.

I believe it’s the single most important part of my piecing. I don’t know why anyone would willingly choose not to have their built-in IDT system. It’s a built-in walking foot, allowing me perfect piecing every single time, no dog ears down in the throat plate, and perfect 1/4″ seams even when I’m crazy quilting and adding two different weights and types of fabric together.

Perfect even feeding. Couple that with the Active Stitch Technology built into this machine that gauges the weight of my fabric and feeds just the right amount of thread to create that perfect stitch.

Don’t believe me? Watch this video but be careful, you might just want to run to your nearest PFAFF dealer so you can get a machine with this awesome technology. If you’re already a PFAFF user you know what I mean, you might want to watch the video anyway, it makes me smile to know I’m fortunate enough to be able to sew with that great technology every single day.

What makes it so perfect? PFAFF® original IDT™ System

Experience absolutely even fabric feed thanks to optimized feeding and the PFAFF® original IDT™ System.

  • Perfect seams on all fabrics, from light to heavy weight.
  • Integrated, no separate attachments needed.
  • Available on most PFAFF® machines.
  • A large assortment of presser feet for a variety of techniques.
  • Slim design, doesn‘t interfere when sewing. Quilt blocks and piecing will match perfectly in every quilt project. It is easy to achieve perfect topstitching – even on a quilt thanks to the even feed of the PFAFF® Original IDT™ System. Stripes and plaids match exactly. Knit fabrics are not stretched out of shape.

so much more than IDT and good looks…

I could go on and on about all the great features and great accessories that are available on the  PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro but all that listing will make a serious dent in the time I have available for quilting. So instead I’ll talk about them throughout the week as I piece the top of a quilt with appropriate fall seasonal fabrics I picked up last year on a field trip to a quilting Mecca in Hamilton Missouri. I also have the binding to put on a Halloween table runner. You’re going to love the IDT system for that project as well.

3. It’s an embroidery machine?

Let’s remember something really important about the Creative Sensation Pro – it’s also an embroidery machine and for those of you who think you’ll never put embroidery on a quilt let me just say this “labels”.  Yep–quilt labels, done in embroidery mode on this machine makes the quilts and their labels so much more personal and special. In fact I’m making two labels this week for a friend who’s giving away two very special quilts, one is a wedding quilt for her daughter and the other is a survivors quilt for her cousin, a breast cancer survivor. My friend wanted these labels to be extra special for these quilts and she knew my PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro was the machine for the job.

Fall. Did I mention how much I love this season? All the colors and crisp evenings, road trips, fresh apples and quilting, lots and lots of quilting! I consider myself a year round quilter, the advantage to having my sewing room in the basement is I quilt all summer long, but there’s something about quilting in the fall, a connection with generations of women before us, serious quilting to keep us warm all winter long. In preparation for my season of serious quilting I’m spending today, tidying up my sewing desk, getting out those fall projects and maybe, just maybe, I’ll sit back and have a nice warm drink while I spend a few minutes admiring my beautiful, hard working top 3 features of the PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro. Join me tomorrow.


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