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6 benefits of the Stella light

by Jennifer Houlden

This week’s discussion is all about color but if we don’t have good lighting in our work area, then choosing the correct value and color of fabrics can be very difficult. I have found that I’m always trying to get better lighting in my work area and recently I added a Stella desk lamp to my studio. I know you’re saying a lamp is a lamp is a lamp but you won’t be saying that once you read about the 6 benefits of the Stella light.

A well lit space is needed and preferably not florescent lighting as it definitely changes the color and value of the fabrics. Most quilt shops have florescent lighting which can play tricks on the color and value of fabrics.

I have bought fabrics thinking they are a certain color or value of a color and then got home and realized that they are off from what I wanted. This is because the florescent lights are not a natural light and change the color of the fabrics. My suggestion is when you’re shopping for fabric at your local quilt shop take the fabrics to a window to use the natural light to see the true color of the fabric. And to go one step better, take the bolts outside if the owners will allow you to. My experience is most shops are okay with stepping outside with the bolts as long as you bring them back.

In your home studio or sewing room change the light bulbs out to white light rather than warm light. The white light will give a much better assimilation of natural light. Try to be near a window when making your fabric choices which I know is not always an option. If you do have a window in your studio take the curtains off so that you get the maximum amount of natural light coming in that you can. I have no window coverings in my studio at all and it makes a huge difference to the amount of light coming in.

And the fact remains that we do need to increase our room lighting with additional lighting so that we don’t have strain on our eyes. I know that my eyes aren’t getting any younger and the better the lighting the better my sewing experience and fabric selections are.

A great source of lighting for your work area is the Stella desk lamp.

The Stella desk lamp

The Stella desk lamp

Stella’s benefits

3 color spectrum: Stella uses LED lights that can be switched between warm, natural and cool white light.

In the series of photos that follow you’ll see that there’s quite a difference between the 3 color spectrum of lighting.

Stella with warm light.

Warm light

Warm light

Stella with cool white light.

Cool white light

Cool white light

Stella with natural light which is combo of the warm and cool white light.

Natural light

Natural light

My preference is either the cool white light or natural light, and of course, it’s on as bright as available for optimal lighting of the area.

Dimming: There are 5 levels of light output from dim to bright. It’s nice to be able to change the brightness of the light depending on what you’re doing and where you’re working. Maybe just a little extra light is needed or a lot. This option is a fabulous benefit to the light.

Flex arm: Stella comes with a full-range flex neck so that the light can be directed right where you need it. She’s available in desk top and stand up floor models both with the flex arm.

Flex low over your work to provide focused light over your work area or project.

Flex arm down low

Flex arm down low

Flex up high to provide overall light to an area like a design wall.

Flex arm up high

Flex arm up high

Low heat, less energy: The LEDs last longer and produce little heat while turned on which makes working under them a lot more comfortable. Plus LEDs consume very little energy when in use which means they’ll last a very long time even when used many hours a day.

Easy transport: Stella is easy to transport to class with no worry about breaking a bulb – the LEDs are very durable and have no filament. Keep the box to transport her back and forth to class as it has a wonderful carry handle.

No bulb replacement: There are no parts to replace as the LED lighting system doesn’t have a traditional bulb.

No bulb in light area

No bulb in light area

Easy to use

Stella is easy to use. On the desk lamp the controls are all on the base of the lamp.

There’s a power button for on/off. It’s the red button. She also has a memory so when she is turned off and then back on, she comes back on to the last setting used.

The mode button which is directly across from the on/off button is a white circle with an M in it. It allows you to switch between the 3 different color spectrum.

The up/down arrows allow you to control the dimness or brightness of the light.

Control buttons on lamp base

Control buttons on lamp base

So is Stella just a lamp?

I don’t think so.

In fact I think that Stella is an awesome little light and I can’t wait to get a stand up one in my studio as well. The next time you’re at your local quilt shop take a look and see if they have a Stella and check one out for yourself. I know that the 6 benefits of the Stella light certainly make a difference in my studio when it comes to choosing fabrics in the right color and value. Happy Quilting!


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Michele T March 2, 2016 - 6:51 am

I’ve been hearing quite a bit about these Stella lights, thanks for the review!! One of these would be perfect for my sewing studio!


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