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Adding Bosal In-R-Form to the Date Night Clutch

by Robin Bogaert

Hello and Happy Friday! All week, I’ve been demonstrating how to make The Library Tote and Date Night Clutch using BOSAL In-R-Form Double Sided Fusible Stabilizer. Yesterday, it was all about applying Bosal In-R-Form and hardware, such as the zipper, the magnetic snap, and anchor straps, to the clutch.

I promise you it’s easy, there are just many small steps. The lining is completely ready to go with a discrete faced zipper pocket, anchor straps and a magnetic snap. The straps for the bag are already made and set aside.

Today, I want to talk about the sides of the bag, adding the Bosal In-R-Form to the outer fabric, adding the last piece of the magnetic snap, then it’ll all come together beautifully.

How to add the Bosal In-R-Form to the outer fabric

The Bosal In-R-Form is double sided fusible so it’s important to avoid ironing it just yet.  Instead, I have sewn it by centering it on the wrong side of the outer fabric and pinning it. I then measured 7½” from the bottom and sewed a line of across the width. I also sewed another line of sewing 15″ from the bottom of the outer piece. This is sewn the same as the lining piece as shown.

Double sided fusible Bosal placed on fabric

Set the outer fabric aside for now, it’s time to make the 2 side pieces.

To make the side pieces, prepare the fabric by fusing the interfacing to the wrong side of the lining pieces. Pin the Bosal In-R-Form to the outer fabric for the bag sides. Sew one of the short sided end of each side piece right sides together as shown.

Short ends of the prepared side pieces sewn on the short ends.

Snip the ends of the seam so that they can be pressed open as shown.

Snipping the end seams with scissors.

Pressing the seams open.

Seams for the side pieces pressed open.

Press all the side piece points down flat, measure ¾” from the points and draw a line as shown.

Points pressed down

¾” from the point, measured and marked.

Sew on the marked lines for all the side pieces and cut away the excess fabric.

Side pieces are all marked, sewn and cut away at the point.

Turn the lining side pieces right side out and slip them right side against the right side of the outer pieces. Pin and sew using a ⅜” seam allowance carefully leaving an opening of about 2″ on the side for turning as shown.

Side pieces sewn right side together with a gap for turning.

Turn the side pieces to the right side and slip stitch the openings closed. Press the sides at this point rolling the lining away from the outer fabric, press well to allow the Bosal In-R-Form Double Sided Fusible Stabilizer to fuse to both sides of the fabric.

The curved, well pressed and stable sides will help the bag stand up and it will be strong and sturdy.

The curved, well pressed and stable sides will help the bag stand up and it will be strong and sturdy.

All the parts of the bag are now ready for assembly and the photo below shows the parts of the bag all ready.

Outer fabric, lining, sides and bag strap ready for assembly.

How to assemble the bag

Place the lining and the outer fabric right sides together and pin, leaving the bottom open about 5″. Carefully match sewing lines and curves. See the red pins where the opening is at the bottom below:

Carefully match sewing lines and curves.

Sew with a ⅜” seam allowance, starting and stopping at the gaps as shown and go slowly around the flap so that an accurate curve is achieved for the flap.

Trim the seams to ⅛” and turn to the right side and press well rolling the outer fabric towards the back so that the lining is not as likely to show. Do not slip stitch the bottom opening closed as this is where the female part of the snap will be inserted.

Top stitch the flap area only from the top stitching line around the flap to the other side of the stitching line as shown.

Top stitching on the flap of the clutch.

How to insert the sides

Clip the sides (recommended) with UNIQUE QUILTING Clever Clips to the bag as shown, matching the bottom seam to the lowest stitch line (pin this to secure).

Clip one side and sew and then clip the other side and sew recommended. This is a little tricky but with slow sewing and care it is totally doable. Back stitch at the start of sewing and at the end. You’ll be also sewing over the bulk of the anchor straps. Do the same for both side pieces.

Note: The sides end up lower than the bag top and that’s totally okay. 

Side pieces clipped and pinned to the bag body.

All that’s left to do is insert the female part of the magnetic snap, this will be inserted through the front of the bag (outer fabric) through to the backside of the Bosal (not through the lining).

Audition where it should go by folding the bag flap forward and seeing where the male part of the UNIQUE SEWING Magnetic Snap on the lining meets the outer fabric on the front and mark a spot with a chalk marker.

Marking where to place the magnetic snap.

Using the washer provided with the snap, mark the prong marks. Cut them with a seam ripper and insert the prongs of the female part of the snap through the prong slits from the outer fabric through to the Bosal In-R-Form Double Sided Fusible Stabilizer.

Note: If it has fused because of ironing, pull it away gently. Place the washer on the prongs and bend them to the center as with the male part completed earlier.

Magnetic snap prongs are poked through the front of the bag through to the Bosal.

You can now press the top edge of your bag and top stitch it.

Top, front edge of the bag being top stitched.

Attach the straps by hooking the UNIQUE SEWING Swivel Hooks to the UNIQUE SEWING D Rings.

Now you have a really UNIQUE Date Night Clutch made sturdy, stable and professional with Bosal In-R-Form Double Sided Fusible Stabilizer.

The completed Date Night Clutch showing a peak at the lining. Gorgeous fabric featured by Northcott Alilah Coral.

I hope you enjoyed learning all about Bosal In-R-Form this week.

Maybe some of these bag making techniques will become part of your sewing experience.

Give the Library Tote or Date Night Clutch a try (please remember to share your photos).

In the meantime, Happy Sewing and….Have a wonderful weekend!

This is part 5 of 5 in this series.
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