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Audition decorative stitches before stitching on the Brother Luminaire XP2

Audition decorative stitches before stitching on the Brother Luminaire XP2

by Lynn Swanson

It’s time to assemble the wall hanging and quilt it selecting from over 1,300 decorative stitches on the Brother Luminaire XP2.

The Luminaire XP2

The Luminaire XP2

1. Make a quilt sandwich by layering a piece of backing fabric 3″ wider and longer than your pieced wall hanging (face down) batting and your pieced, assembled wall blocks. Pin or spray baste to hold together.

Let’s take advantage of the many decorative stitches on the Luminaire XP2 and add some stitching interest to the pieced blocks.

As I did yesterday, once I select the stitch (and this time I’m selecting from the Character/Decorative stitch category), I’m able to display the stitch on the fabric to audition it before stitching. I can also change the size and the location of my stitch very easily.

Watch Brother Ambassador Angela Wolf show you how

And there is more… with the Luminaire XP 2 we can indicate exactly where we want the stitches to end using an End Point stitch marker.

2. Select a decorative stich. I chose stitch 9-33. Place the End Point Stitch Marker on the fabric where you want the XP2 to stop stitching. The XP will complete the stitch pattern and adjust it to end exactly where you want the stitching to end.

End of stitching

End Point Marker

Be sure to use your ‘N’ foot when stitching decorative stitches. The grove on the bottom allows the foot to glide over the stitches smoothly.

3. I’m going to add more decorative stitches to the wall hanging. And I just can’t resist Character/Decorative stitch 8-24 to add more birds to my wall hanging.

Brother Luminaire XP2 decorative stitches

Character decorative stitch 8-24

4. Be sure to use the projector and the guideline markers to ensure your stitching position.

 Decorative Stitch Displayed on Fabric

Projecting stitches on fabric

It is so easy to position stitches exactly where you want them to stitch with the built-in features of the Brother Luminaire XP2.

Tomorrow we will add borders and complete the Wall Hanging.

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