Tania Denyer

Tania has been a quilty creator for over 20 years. She loves to make quirky quilts ranging from a bowl of ramen to a Christmas turkey or a fruitcake. She has not yet found a subject that she wouldn’t like to see rendered as a quilt. Her current focus is on food quilts and her work has been featured in magazines such as Cottage Life, Make Modern, Gastro Obscura and SBS (a food network in Australia). Her creative interests also include illustration, painting, and crocheting. There is nothing she likes better than to try something new. Tania believes curiosity in all things is key to a creative life.

Improv applique makes quilting magical!

Yesterday I gave you the instructions for cutting and preparing the background for the Garden State of Mind quilt top. I used the following indispensable tools that make the task easier: the UNIQUE Folding Cutting Mat, the Sew Easy Quilting Ruler 24” x 6½”, and the KAI rotary cutter… pressing it…

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