machine embroidery

Jazz up a synthetic rattan table topper with machine embroidery

Step by step and tips on how to embroider awesome designs on a synthetic rattan placemat on the HV Designer Ruby 90, making the back look as good as the front. Small Metal Hoop (100 by 100mm), INSPIRA Aqua Magic Stabilizer, INSPIRA Water Works, INSPIRA Magnets for Metal Hoop, INSPIRA Topstitch Needles, INSPIRA Embroidery Needles, INSPIRA 6″ Double Curved Embroidery Scissor

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Embroidering a camping bucket hat

How to download the desired embroidery design to a USB stick, then uploaded it to the Brother Luminaire XP to make a camping bucket hat! Shaelagh Kirkey makes it look so easy, see how it’s done. Great tutorial for machine embroidery.

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