Must-have tools to guide you through free motion quilting

Make your free motion quilting a success story by using tools that help! Claire Haillot finishes off the week with tips and tools you need to complete your art quilt projects. She uses Klassé Quilting Needles Size 80/12, UNIQUE Quilting Grip Gloves, and UNIQUE Sewing SeamFix Red Seam Ripper and Thread Remover…must-haves for free motion quilting!

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3 ways to make simple embroidery stitches extraordinary

Putting the final touches on your needle roll cover using simple embroidery stitches completes the look! Christine Baker closes off this week with ways to enhance your embroidery design, and get it ready for the next step – assembly! Keep checking QUILTsocial to find out how it all comes together! Free instructions for pattern.

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