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Brother ScanNCut: a quilter’s BEST friend for making quilt blocks

by Lynn Swanson

Did you realize some of the Brother ScanNCut SDX225 features are a quilter’s best friend? I can’t wait to show you how the ScanNCut SDX225 is an indispensable tool for making your quilt blocks!

Let’s start with the ScanNCut SDX225’s built-in quilt block patterns. That’s right the SDX225 has over 100 quilt blocks in the machine. You can easily select a quilt block, determine the size you’d like, draw the stitching line on your fabric (to help you achieve a perfect ¼” seam!), and then cut the block pieces. Sound easy? It is!

If you already have a ScanNCut SDX225 and need a refresher on the basics of using the ScanNCut SDX225 or you misplace your operating guide, here’s the Brother ScanNCut online operating guide.

Ready? Let’s make a quilt block.

Here’s a reminder of the ScanNCut accessories you’ll be using to create your quilt block. All these accessories come with the ScanNCut SDX225. But if you need to replenish, you’ll find supplies and accessories here on the Brother website.

supplies and materials

  • ScanNCut SDX225
  • standard tack adhesive mat
  • fabric support sheet
  • pen holder and erasable pen
  • thin fabric blade holder and blade (tan colored top)
  • spatula
  • small fabric pieces in coordinating colors (scraps are fine – no smaller than 5” x 5”)
  • spray starch
  • sewing machine with ¼” foot
Brother supplies and materials for the Brother ScanNCut SDX225

Brother supplies and materials used in this how to make a quilt block tutorial using the Brother ScanNCut SDX225

First, select the desired quilt block.

1. From the main screen of the ScanNCut SDX225 touch Pattern.

ScanNCut SDX225 main screen

ScanNCut SDX225 main screen

2. Scroll to page 2 of the patterns and select the Quilt Design icon (second icon top row).  this opens several pages of quilt block designs.

Quilt block designs on the Brother ScanNCut SDX225

Access Quilt block designs

3. Scroll through the designs and choose PA A007.

Select Quilt Block Design

Select Quilt Block Design on the Brother ScanNCut SDX225

4. When the pattern appears on the screen, an image of the block and the default finished block size shows up. Touch OK.

Quilt block Displayed on the Screen at Default Size

Quilt block Displayed on the Screen at Default Size on the Brother ScanNCut SDX225

5. The next screen breaks the block into components. By the way, if you changed the size of the block in the previous step all of the components will change accordingly.

Quilt Block Components

Quilt Block Components on the Brother ScanNCut SDX225 screen

6. Now grab the standard tack adhesive mat and apply the fabric support sheet to the mat, by removing the support sheet backing and placing it over the grid markings on the mat. TIP If you plan to cut a lot of fabric for quilt blocks, you’ll want to have a dedicated mat for cutting fabric with the fabric support sheet on it.

7. Prepare the fabric for cutting by giving it a light spritz of spray starch. I always lightly starch fabric before cutting and piecing, as it stiffens the fabric making for a better cut and smooth stitching.

8. Back at the ScanNCut SDX225 Touch OK and select Part A of the quilt block and OK. Isn’t it cool how you can see on the screen where Part A appears in the finished block?

Part A of quilt block

Part A of quilt block using the Brother ScanNCut SDX225

9. The next screen shows 5 pieces that need to be cut. Touch Set.

10. Now it’s time to place your fabric on the mat with the right side of the fabric facing down. Use the image on the screen to position your fabric correctly.

11. Load the mat into the ScanNCut SDX225.

12. Place the erasable fabric pen in the pen holder and insert the pen holder into the ScanNCut SDX225.

13. Select Draw to draw the stitching lines with the erasable pen – this will be the line you stitch on when assembling the block. Don’t worry the pen marks will disappear. Do not remove the fabric from the mat.

Stitching Lines drawn on fabric

Stitching Lines drawn on fabric

14. Replace the erasable pen and pen holder with the Thin Fabric cutting blade and select Cut. The block pieces will be cut leaving a ¼” seam allowance.

15. Repeat steps 8 to 14 to cut the remaining pieces for your quilt block.

Once the pieces are cut take these to the sewing machine and stitch together using the ¼” marking to achieve an accurately pieced block!

The finished quilt block using Brother ScanNCut SDX225

Ta-da! The finished quilt block!

What do you think? What I like most about the Brother ScanNCut SDX225 when making quilt blocks is just how accurate my cutting is and piecing can be. Join me tomorrow and I’ll show you how amazing the ScanNCut SDX225 is when making applique block!

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