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Create or edit your stitches with the PFAFF performance icon

Create or edit your stitches with the PFAFF performance icon

by Sarah Vanderburgh

It’s beginning to look like fabric! In yesterday’s post we used built-in decorative stitches to start creating fabric for the bold cushion cover. Today, we continue to stitch the fabric as well as create the center block for the cushion cover using the Sequence Creator. The Sequence Creator is a program built into the PFAFF performance icon to create new 9mm stitches or edit built-in stitches.

Decorative stitching using the Multi-line Decorative Foot on the PFAFF performance icon.

Stitching with the PFAFF performance icon

Continue the color pattern on the setting fabric

I continued the thread color sequence while adding new rows of stitching to the fabric. I used the red guide marks on the Multi-line Decorative Foot to space out the lines of stitching. This foot works with all of the stitches and helped me visually plan and keep an eye on the stitching. My lines did go a little crooked at some points, but I think that was operator error and the fact that my fabric was so long.

Multi-line Decorative Foot stitching decorative stitches on green fabric using the PFAFF performance icon.

Multi-line Decorative Foot

I kept adding rows until I had at least 7 inches of stitched fabric. At this point, I realized I was making a center square and wouldn’t need to continue stitching the full length of the fabric. Next, I noticed my beige thread was running low, and as I decided to use it for the main feature of my center block, I switched gears here and started working on the center block. To do that, I selected the Sequence Creator.

Sequence Creator

I touched the Sequence Creator along the bottom menu on the Multi-Touch Screen, which brings up a blank stitch screen. Then I selected the stitch menu button and looked through the large maxi stitches in menu 5.4 and found a large floral design. Then I touched the commands menu on the side to bring up the options to stop the stitch. Pressing OK in the bottom right corner of the screen loads the stitch into the sewing mode.

Computer screen on the PFAFF performance icon.

My chosen stitch in sewing mode on the Multi-Touch Screen

I can still edit the stitch if I want to, to change its width and length. But I can see by the measurements on the screen that it’ll fit in my block. It does require a change to the Maxi Stitch Foot, presser foot 8.

Below you can see that this foot does not attach to the IDT System and is closed in at the back – which makes sense as it moves in different directions as it stitches. I included the other foot used for the majority of decorative stitches, Fancy Stitch Foot, presser foot 2, so you can see the size difference between them. The large stitches come out beautifully thanks to this foot! Both the Maxi Stitch Foot and Fancy Stitch Foot are included with the PFAFF performance icon.

Maxi Stitch Foot and Fancy Stitch Foot for the PFAFF performance icon set on a green background.

Maxi Stitch Foot and Fancy Stitch Foot

I use the Stop/Start function button for these large stitches too. I think it turned out great!

A large floral stitched design on green fabric made with the PFAFF performance icon.

A maxi stitch in the center block made using the Stitch Creator

I’m happy I started the center block, but I know I need to add more to keep it looking like the rest of the blocks – bold and maximalist!

Complete setting fabric

Here’s where the creativity comes in. I knew I wanted more stitches for the center block and I was glad they started to show up.

These fun leaves and flower vine appealed to me and I added them to the center block too.

Decorative stitches using different colored threads on green fabric stitched using the PFAFF performance icon.

A blue row of stitching added to the center block

It took me a couple of evenings to have enough stitching done on the half of the background fabric that needed 10 inches stitched. I did find it a relaxing and enjoyable way to wind down and create. I wasn’t surprised that I was able to find enough stitches on my theme of florals and leaves to complete my fabric, or by how much fun I had looking for them on the performance icon.

Stitched fabric using various stitches and different colored threads on green fabric set on a pink cutting mat.

Completed stitched fabric

Here is the completed center block.

Green fabric with a large stitched floral design in the middle and three rows of decorative stitches on each side.

Completed center block

PFAFF performance icon sewing machine set on a brown table.

PFAFF performance icon

Now that we have our center block done using the PFAFF performance icon, come back tomorrow to find out how to cut out the background pieces.

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