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Don’t miss it! Courtepointe Québec celebrates its quilting artisans!

Don’t miss it! Courtepointe Québec celebrates its quilting artisans!

by Claire Haillot

Don’t miss the largest quilt and textile art exhibition in Quebec! More than 300 beauties will be on display, including many by Quebec artists who have made their mark internationally. Be moved by this century old art form that is still very modern.

Since 2004, Courtepointe Québec has presented this bi-annual exhibition to celebrate not only the creativity of its artisans, but their passion for the harmony of shapes and colors, not to mention their refinement in the making of their work.

During the pandemic, Courtepointe Québec was a huge hit with Quebecers of all ages, keeping them busy with online classes and seminars. Louise Picard, president of the organization, is very happy to see the fruits of their labour with more than 300 quilts registered for the show.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Courtepointe Québec set up webinars to present local artists who have won international awards. Artists included Colette Dumont, Lise Bélanger, Brigitte Villeneuve, and our very own QUILTsocial collaborator Claire Haillot. “We are thrilled to have their quilts be part of our show. This allows everyone to be able to see them up close, locally. The exhibition will also have a wide variety of quilts ranging from beginners to experts, including 7 quilts in the youth category,” explains Louise Picard.

Winter Sunset Quilt a quilt by Colette Dumont

Winter Sunset Quilt by Colette Dumont

Do You See What I See a quilt by Lise Bélanger

Do You See What I See by Lise Bélanger

The show will be held from October 20 to 23, at Espace St-Hyacinthe, in the Coop pavilion, and will offer visitors an opportunity to see and be seen. From traditional patterns to modern designs, from hand-stitched pieces to brilliantly machine-stitched ones, with a hint of beads or lace, no one will leave indifferent. Some will be lulled into their childhood memories of grandmother’s quilts and others will see themselves already making their next project.

The Board of Directors of Courtepointe Québec, the committee dedicated to the Show as well as the volunteers will be ready to welcome you, your friends and families in the beautiful Montérégie region. Several merchants will also be on site to offer all the necessary material to realize a textile project. It will also be possible to buy a quilt, a wall hanging or a small souvenir at La Boutique du Salon.

About Courtepointe QuébecCourtepointe Québec is a non-profit organization founded in 1988 to promote this art form in Quebec. For more information, visit our website:

Fabulous Welcome a quilt by Brigitte Villeneuve

Fabulous Welcome by Brigitte Villeneuve


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