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Finishing up the Dear Santa Tabletopper in time for the holidays


It’s the end of the week and we’re so close to being ready for Santa! In yesterday’s post I had fun using PFAFF creative 3.0’s decorative stitches to make one of a kind appliqued cookies. I hope you enjoyed it too 🙂

Let’s finish up the tabletopper with a few more details to personalize it for our special visitor.


PFAFF creative 3.0
PFAFF creative 3.0


Once all of your cookies are decorated you can add the plate bottom. Use the hexagon freezer paper template you set aside on my previous post to cut out a hexagon from your backing fat quarter.

Cut away the stabilizer from the reverse side of the appliqued top. Place the backing hexagon right side down on the top of the right side of the appliqued top and pin around the edge leaving a 3″ turning gap on one of the sides.

Sew ¼ ” seam away from the edge all the way around, backstitching at the beginning and the end.


Tabletopper of treats
Tabletopper of treats


I found the topper wrinkled quite a bit from the turning and simply ironed it from the back and then the front to remove the wrinkles.

Carefully push in the seam allowance at the turning gap and use matching thread to sew a topstitch around the edge of the plate. Then stitch around each of the applique cookies.

Last but not least, make a note for Santa!

I used a strip of white fabric – about 2″ x 3″ long – with a piece of cut away stabilizer behind it and selected one of the built-in sewing fonts to write my note. I stitched out the first line, ‘To Santa’ and saved it in a file on the creative 3.0 to use again. Then I made the second line of Xs and Os.

When my note was ready I cut a piece of batting a little smaller than my note and used the blanket stitch again (stitch 2.1.9) and sewed the note to my tabletopper in red.


Note for Santa
Note for Santa


Now I’m ready for my special visitor! I hope you enjoyed stitching along with me. I’m hoping to find a few moments this holiday to spend with the PFAFF creative 3.0 – maybe getting ready for next year’s holiday!


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