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Komfort KUT Slash-N-Circle Ruler cuts perfect circles for applique quilts

by Paul Leger

Yesterday, I showed you the benefits of using the SURElight M4T LED Desk Lamp. Over the next three days, I’m going to show you fun and easy ways to make quilt blocks using the Komfort KUT Slash-N-Circle Ruler 9⅞” x12½“.

When I first saw the Komfort KUT Slash-N-Circle Ruler, I knew that I found a ruler that I was going to enjoy using. So, today, we’re going to use this ruler to cut out full circles, half-circles, and quarter-circles to make a 12″ quilt block.

The Komfort KUT Slash-N-Circle ruler also has the ability to be used but as a template to cut out curved pieces or circles and can be used to draw curves or lines on quilt top for quilting.

Komfort KUT Slash-N-Circle Ruler 9⅞” x 12½”

With the Komfort KUT Slash-N-Circle Ruler, you can cut circles in the following sizes: 5cm, 8cm, 11cm, 14cm, 17cm, 20cm, and 23cm.

For this project, I found that the best rotary cutter size to use is the 18mm Komfort KUT Rotary Cutter.

Komfort KUT Rotary Cutter with an ¾” blade.

Komfort KUT Rotary Cutter ¾”

As I still have some HEATNBOND Lite Iron-On Adhesive Sheets – 17″ x 1yd left from my February post, I’ll be using it again for our projects this week.

I made a 12” block using quarter, half, and full circles so that I can better demonstrate how to use the Slash-N-Circle Ruler.

Therefore, precut pieces of HEATNBOND Lite in the following sizes:

  • 3½” x 3½” for the full circles, which is slightly larger than the 8cm circle you make with the ruler
  • 2″ x 3½” for the half circles
  • 2″ x 2″ for the quarter circles

Fuse these pieces of HEATNBOND Lite to pieces of fabrics.

On the piece of fabric that you use for the full circle, draw a line in the center. On the fabric that you use for the quarter circles, draw two sides of a square.

A piece of fabric backed with HEATNBOND Lite Iron-On. The HEATNBOND has a penciled line in the center. Komfort KUT Slash-N-Circle Ruler.

Prepared piece of fabric for cutting

To cut out a full circle, first fold the fabric on the drawn line. Align the red line of the Slash-N-Circle Ruler to the fold. Use the ¾” Komfort KUT Rotary Cutter to cut out the circle.

The Komfort KUT Slash-N-Circle Ruler on top of a piece of fabric with the rotary cutter on the 8cm curved line.

Cutting out a circle from a folded piece of fabric

To cut out a semi-circle, align the dotted line to the bottom of the fabric. Using the dotted line ensures that there is a seam allowance. If a seam allowance is not necessary, then cut using the solid red line.

Cutting a semi circle by ensuring the red dotted line is aligned with the bottom of the fabric. Komfort KUT Slash-N-Circle Ruler.

Cutting out a semi circle

The method to cut out the quarter circles is the same as the method you use to cut out semi-circles.

The dotted line of the Komfort KUT Slash-N-Circle Ruler placed on the penciled line of the fabric to cut a quarter circle.

Place the dotted line on the penciled line to cut a quarter circle.

On the background fabric, draw a 12” square to help with the placement of the circles, and affix the circles to the fabric.

One full circle placed in the center of a 12" quilt block background surrounded by semi circles and quarter circles. Komfort KUT Slash-N-Circle Ruler.

Full circles, semi circles, and quarter circles placed on the block’s background fabric

I had a fun day cutting out circles for this modern-looking quilt block. Think of all the creative ways you can use the Komfort KUT Slash-N-Circle Ruler, available at your local quilting store.

Come back tomorrow to see me demonstrate an easy and simple way to use the Komfort KUT Slash-N-Circle Ruler to help draw quilting lines.

This is part 2 of 5 in this series.
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Mary O. March 15, 2017 - 2:15 pm

What a clever tool! I really love the circles in shades of yellow to orange on the white background.

Sandy Allen March 14, 2017 - 8:09 am

I have seen these rulers in the store and wondered how they were used. Thanks for the great tutorial!


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