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Kunin Rainbow ClassicFelt makes a super simple scissor case

Kunin Rainbow ClassicFelt makes a super simple scissor case

by Robin Bogaert

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday I talked about the amazing merits of using felt to sculpt beautiful items for your sewing space. Today I’m again having fun with felt by making a super simple scissor case. I hope you will try and make one with Kunin Rainbow ClassicFelt and DMC Embroidery Floss. It makes a pretty case for your special scissors and protects them from the dust and scratches that naturally happen with scissors. This is especially great for protecting them when traveling.

Kunin Rainbow ClassicFelt and DMC Embroidery Floss to make a gorgeous, easy scissor case.


Supplies required to make the scissor case

How to make the scissor case

1. Lay the scissors down on a piece of Kunin Rainbow ClassicFelt, any choice of color.

I chose charcoal gray because I figured with handling and traveling this summer it would not show normal dirt.  I also love the vintage look of the charcoal felt with the vintage look of the gold handles on the Klassé Stork Embroidery Scissors.

2. Draw a line around the scissors to envision the scissor case outline and give the scissors some space to move. I know I want my scissors to stay put in the case so I decided to put a tab closure between the gap in the finger grips.

Note: There’s no pattern for this as each pair of scissors is so different. There may need to be some common sense guessing as to how wide and long the scissor case should be.

Gorgeous Klasse´ Stork Embroidery Scissors laying on Kunin Rainbow ClassicFelt in Charcoal

 3.  Once the scissor case size has been determined, cut 2 pieces the same for the front and the back.

4.  Cut a tab closure approximately ½” x 1¾” (will vary with size of scissors) out of the same felt and sew it to the back center of the back piece with a whip stitch as shown. I used my UNIQUE Sewing Permanent Black Marker to mark my center back.

2 Pieces of Kunin Rainbow ClassicFelt (charcoal) and tab closure cut out. Tab closure is whipstitched to the back center of the scissor case.

5. Mark the front of your scissor case for embroidery placement using a permanent marker.

TIP Use a UNIQUE Sewing Permanent Black Marker and use tiny dots as to where to place embroidery stitches.

6. Start the embroidery process on the scissor case using shiny and gorgeous DMC Embroidery Floss (3 strands) and a UNIQUE Crewel/Embroidery Needle size 9. Crewel needles are great because they sew through the felt beautifully with their sharp points and have a rounded eye for easy threading. See how I started to use a simple lazy daisy stitch to make a pink daisy flower on my case:

How to do a lazy daisy stitch

Lazy Daisy stitch in progress to make a pink Daisy on the scissor case

7. Add some stems using a stem stitch or outline stitch and repeat the lazy daisy stitch to make leaves.  Use the stem stitch for more flowers. I used a criss-cross-type stitch to make the lavender flowers (my own creation). Also, leave about ¼” space at the bottom of the case to allow for the joining of the back piece.

Keep it simple, keep it fun is my motto!

Close up of the stitches on scissor case

8. Sew the button to the front of the button tab and sandwich the front and the back together. Felt has a natural magnetic attraction to itself so it’ll hold back to front but you may wish to pin it together at this point for added insurance.

Button sewn to the front of the closure tab

9. Add a running stitch all the way around to sew the front and the back together about ⅛” from the edge. I used UNIQUE Sewing Pearl Head Pins to pin while completing the running stitch.

Running stitch added ⅛” from the edge to sew the front of the scissor case to the back

10. Add velcro by cutting it carefully and gluing to the underside of the tab and front of the scissor case. I used Hi-Tak No-Sew Fabric Glue, so no sewing of the velcro required!

Preparing the velcro to be glued with Hi-Tak No-Sew Fabric Glue

Gluing velcro with Hi-Tak No Sew Fabric Glue

The scissor case is complete and great for my Klassé Stork Embroidery Scissors.

I hope you will try and make one of these scissor cases with Kunin Rainbow ClassicFelt and DMC Embroidery Floss. Such a useful case to show off and protect precious scissors and so easy to complete. Round up all your supplies and you can complete this in less than an hour. This is the time you deserve to preserve your lovely scissors.

Check back tomorrow when I discuss how to make a Forget Me Knot Felt Embroidered Pin Cushion that’ll be sure to add a spark of color and vintage artistry to your home or sewing room.

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