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Part 3 – In quilting notions, Clover is my lucky charm

by Michael Smith

Wouldn’t our grandmothers be in awe of the amazing selection of notions we have available to us today which help make our sewing and quilting faster, easier, and more enjoyable?

Yesterday, in Part 2 of this week-long series, I discussed how using HeatnBond fusible fleece and fusible interfacing saved time when constructing tote bags. In part 3 of my spotlight on 10 products and notions which help make bag-making quicker and easier, I’ll talk about another of my all-time favorite time-saving notions – Clover Wonder Clips!

My all-time favorite notion – Clover Wonder Clips!

Since being introduced to them a few years ago, I’ve acquired and coveted my growing collection of Clover Wonder Clips. I’ll happily share them, but I make sure each and every one of those priceless little gems eventually finds its way home to me. I use them for everything!

As I mentioned in my Monday post, 10 super-useful, time-saving notions for quick and easy bag-making, I really dislike and try to avoid pinning whenever, wherever I can, so Clover Wonder Clips have become a necessity in my sewing room. I take a box with me whenever I travel and never worry about them possibly being seized from my carry-on bag when going through airport security. I once had pins taken away while boarding a flight, so I’ve learned not to risk it. Clover Wonder Clips are much safer!

Clover Wonder Clips are great to use in place of pins, especially with thick, bulky fabrics like we use to construct tote bags. It’s easy to secure layers of fabrics together with clips as there’s less strain on your hands since you’re not trying to force a pin through so many thicknesses of fabric, fusible fleece, fusible interfacing, etc.

Available in many sizes, colors, and amounts, you’ll find Clover Wonder Clips readily available at your local quilt shop.

One of my many boxes of Clover Wonder Clips in Red, my favorite color.

What makes Clover Wonder Clips so special is the many guide makings they have on the bottom of the clip. These are especially handy when sewing on binding as you can use the marks to line up and keep your binding strip even as you sew by hand or machine.

You’ll see in the photo below that I’m pointing to the ¼” mark on the bottom of the clip.

Use the handy guide markings along the bottom of Clover Wonder Clips to keep your binding strip and layers even.

Alas, however, there are times where you simply can’t use the fabulous Clover Wonder Clips, like when positioning the pocket pieces on the lining fabric of The Everyday Tote. In case you missed the first two parts of this series, The Everyday Tote pattern is by Elaine Theriault for Northcott; a FREE download from their website. It’s my favorite tote bag pattern!

You could use a product I discussed in Monday’s post of this series, HeatnBond Quilter’s Edge iron-on fusible adhesive to keep those pocket pieces into place, or, you could use my favorite pin, which is kind-of like two pins in one, Clover Fork Pins.

Unique in design, Clover Fork Pins are ideal to use to firmly hold pieces just where you want them, even through bulky fabrics.

It’s no secret I prefer not to pin whenever I can get away with it, BUT, when I absolutely MUST pin, I reach for my Clover Fork Pins because they securely hold pieces in place without any distortion. They are very fine so easily slip through the bulk of multi-layers of fabric, and fusibles, yet, because of their unique design, are sturdy and keep things where you want them.

Below is a photo of where the side seam and bottom seam of The Everyday Tote meet to square off the bag. I always try to nest/ lock the seam allowances in opposite direction, so I have a perfect match, and the Clover Fork Pins help achieve this by securing each side of the seam. It’s brilliant engineering, which is why I feel having Clover in my sewing room is my lucky charm.

Because of their unique design, Clover Fork Pins help ensure a perfect match by securing each side of the seam allowance without any distortion.

They are also useful when positioning the straps/handles onto the main body of the tote bag, as pictured below.

Clover Fork Pins securely hold the handles in place until ready to be sewn at the sewing machine.

We’ve crossed the half-way point and we’re in the home stretch.

Join me tomorrow for Part 4 of 10 super-useful products and notions which make constructing tote bags quicker and easier. Happy Sewing!

This is part 3 of 5 in this series.
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NancyB from Many LA July 14, 2019 - 10:32 am

I agree – Clover has some great notions! I really need those clips!

Michael Smith July 14, 2019 - 11:31 am

Thanks for writing in, Nancy! You will LOVE Clover Wonder Clips! They are so quick and easy to use and never have to worry about being stuck by a pin again. Great to use when sewing binding, too!
Happy Sewing!


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