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Postcards with Quilting and Other Decorative Stitches

by Gail Berry-Graham

Postcards with Quilting and Other Decorative Stitches – I Love small projects

I love making small projects on any new machine and this PFAFF Quilt Ambition 2.0 is no exception. Small projects like postcards allow me to use my Quilting Stitches and all my other decorative stitches and see them stitched out.

I start by cutting my fabric and stabilizer larger than I need so that I can trim it to size. In this case I cut my fabric and stabilizer 5″ x 7″. I then randomly start stitching rows of decorative stitches.  Some are placed on angles, some will crisscross, I have no real plan here, just to fill the postcard with my fancy stitches.

Quilting stitches at random angles.

Quilting stitches at random angles.

It’s EASY to go from stitch to stich on this machine, simply using the drop down menu we spoke about yesterday. Here are two other GREAT features of this PFAFF Quilt Ambition 2.0 that make this or any project with decorative stitches worry free!

The INFORMATION button – what a lifesaver

The first feature is a really awesome feature!! See that button beside the screen near the bottom that looks like a lower case letter “i” ? When you touch that button a lot of really useful information shows up on the screen. Such as which foot to use, what tension settings to use, stabilizer or no stabilizer, IDT engaged or disengaged? Yep, all those answers right there at the push of a button.

No guess work involved! By taking the guess work out of the project it’s like PFAFF is building a success guarantee into the project. Follow those guidelines and you’ll have a great stitch!

The Screen AFTER you touch the INFORMATION button

The Screen AFTER you touch the INFORMATION button

The second feature I absolutely love when using decorative stitches is found when you look to the left of the screen. There’s a button there that looks like a triangle on its side. It’s just below the needle up/down button. It’s called the Stitch Restart Button. Guess What it does? If you had been sewing and stopped in the middle of a stitch and press that button before you start again it’ll start right at the beginning of the stitch. Also, if you press that button while you’re actively sewing the stitch will finish and then stop sewing!

I believe this is the most overlooked, underused feature on this machine. I use it all the time now. IF you’re using decorative stitches and have perhaps used your needle up/down button to pull up a bobbin thread or try to find the right placement for your stitch then you might not be starting at the actual start of your stitch, so while your needle is up, press that button and your stitch will start right at the beginning! It does make a difference. I now make this button a habit when using decorative stitches of any kind.

The Stitch Restart Button--The Star of Decorative Stitching

The Stitch Restart Button–The Star of Decorative Stitching

With everything at my fingertips I’m making progress…

I use my drop down menu to easily change stitches. I use my information button to ensure I’m using the right foot etc. and my Stitch Restart Button ensures getting complete stitches on my postcards. I keep stitching away.

Here are four postcard fronts ready to trim to size. These stitches are all found in the Quilting Stitch menu on the PFAFF Quilt Ambition 2.0 sewing machine. I still have over 200 stitches to put on the rest of my postcards.

Four Postcard Fronts Ready to Trim..all of them with Quilting Stitches

Four Postcard Fronts Ready to Trim..all of them with Quilting Stitches

Finishing up

  • Trim the fronts to 4½” x 6½”.
  • Fuse a 4” x 6” piece of fusible batting to the center of the trimmed top.
  • Right sides together, place the top with the batting fused to it to a plain/light colored fabric cut 4½” x 6½”.
  • Use a ¼” seam allowance and sew around the postcard leaving an opening for turning it right side out.
  • Once turned right side out, press the postcard and top stitch close to the edge.

This is just ONE method for making postcards, there are many other ways, find the one that’s right for you.

The whole point of this exercise is to use you Quilting Stitches and Other Decorative Stitches on small projects. You’ll discover some stitches you absolutely will fall in love with and want to use them all the time. Be careful though, it may inspire you to make a crazy quilt, which is now on my to do list!


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