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Quilted scissor holder in 6 easy steps – part 1


My scissors all seem to sit in a drawer and then when it’s time to take them to class I have nothing to put them in and they just get thrown into the bag with everything else. I even have the perfect ruler for making the shape of the scissor holder. Follow along with me to see which ruler is perfect for this project and to make a quilted scissor holder in 6 easy steps.


4 pairs of scissors in varying sizes with black handles and silver blades on a blue cutting mat
Part of my scissor collection


Yesterday I talked about 3 great reasons the Sunshine Mat Tote is a must for all quilters for taking your tools to class. Today’s scissor holder will fit quite nicely into one of the zippered pockets on the tote bag.

Scraps would be ideal to use as the basis for this piece but I don’t have any scraps as I gave them all away about a month ago to several ladies who enjoy scraps. Not really my thing so I have pulled out some coordinating fabrics from my stash to use for this project. I needed to add some sunshine to my studio so I chose rather bright and cheerful fabric.


4 fabrics in yellow with red, green and pink splotches, flowers and stripes
Bright & cheerful fabrics to bring sunshine into my studio


Step 1: Cutting the fabrics

Cut varying widths of strips to create a piece 15″ x 20″. I cut my strips 3 different widths for a total of 8 strips.

Fabric 1: 2 – 3″ x 20″

Fabric 2: 2 – 2½″ x 20″

Fabric 3: 4 – 2″ x 20″

Backing: 1 – 18″ x 20″ – this piece will show on the inside of the scissor holder so I used another coordinating fabric to match the 3 on the front.

Batting: 1 – 18″ x 20″ – I used a 80/20 blend to get a bit more loft which will provide a bit more cushion for the scissors.


floral print in yellow, green and red on a piece of batting and blue cutting mat
Backing and batting ready to be cut to size


Step 2: Sewing the strips together

I opted to use the stitch and flip method of construction for this little project. Using this construction method means that the piece is quilted when the sewing of the strips together is done.

Check out my blog for complete instructions on how to construct a quilt with the stitch and flip method.

To start place the backing on the batting. You can baste them together with 505 Spray Adhesive if you wish but don’t pin as the pins will just be in your way. I just layered them together with no basting of any sort.

Place the first strip on the batting right side up and then pin the second strip to the first strip right sides together.


fabric strip pinned to piece of batting on a blue cutting mat
Strips pinned in place ready for sewing


TIP Sew together using a walking foot since you are sewing through 3 layers and this will feed the fabrics along evenly.

TIP Use a thread in the bobbin that matches the backing material as the thread will show on the back as the quilting. I used red thread.

Press the piece over and continue with the next strip in the same fashion. Press after each strip is sewn in place.


8 strips of yellow/orange/red/green fabric sewn together to make one big piece
Stitch and flip construction complete


Step 3: Cutting the pieces

I’ve had this wedge ruler in my ruler drawer for a good year now that I picked up at my local quilt shop last year as I was going to make a tree skirt with it and well as you know great plans don’t always materialize. I thought this would be the perfect ruler to cut my pieces with for the scissor holder.


a wedge ruler lying on a piece of batting
The Sew Easy 10° wedge ruler


Place the Sew Easy 10° wedge ruler on the fabric with the narrow end at the bottom and the wide end flush with the top edge of the fabric. Cut along each side to make a wedge.


wedge ruler sitting on quilted fabric sandwich and one diagonal cut made
First cut with wedge ruler


Turn the wedge ruler around so that it fits along the diagonal edge of the fabric with the wide end at the bottom edge of the fabric and cut a second piece.


wedge ruler sitting on quilted fabric sandwich and one diagonal cut made
Second wedge ready to be cut


Make a marking line 10½″ from the bottom of the wedge and trim off the top bit. This piece will be used to make the front of the holder.


a pair of black handled scissors and multi colored fabric wedge on a blue cutting mat
Trimming at 10½″ will fit a standard pair of scissors


Leave the second piece the full length as it will be the back and fold over to make a closure.

Tomorrow I’ll be finishing the edges with one of these threads from Sulky Blendables.


2 wedges of differing heights with a spool of pink and a spool of orange thread
Front and back pieces with variegated thread in orange and pink


Well, I’m well on my way to having a quilted scissor holder for at least one pair of my scissors and maybe by the end of the day tomorrow I’ll have more than one as I do seem to have many pairs of scissors and a little extra fabric. Join me tomorrow to continue construction on the quilted scissor holder in 6 easy steps.

Happy Quilting


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Jennifer runs Quilts by Jen, a fantastic educational resource for quilters with many great free tutorials ranging from how to choose fabrics, understanding the value of fabrics, pressing, building Bargello runs, pinning, binding, sandwiching, couching, quilting, and much more. Check them out!


  1. krysta d

    Great idea and great instructions! Thank you!

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    This is great! Reminds me of a quilted knitting needle holder my Mom had. 🙂

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    Scraps make great small projects!

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    Great directions – thanks – going to make a few for my friends.

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    Sigh, another thing on my to be made list.

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    Great way to use up scraps of fabric!

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