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Quilting a Study Pillow for College Life

by Nancy Devine

Soft and cozy pillow in quilted flannel. This study pillow holds music and chocolate.

It’s important to engage in quilting a study pillow for college life.

Taking the comforts of home isn’t completely possible when you are off to your school dorm, but this study pillow helps.

No, it won’t take the exam for you, but you can store your phone or music player and head phone in the clever side pockets. These, are also handy to keep your emergency chocolate.

You will need
a bolster pillow form
outer fabric
lining muslin
quilt batting


505 spray basting adhesive
fabric for the pillow ends

Measure the width and length of the pillow form, adding a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Create a quilt sandwich to match the measurements. The finished size of my quilted fabric was 24 inches wide by 19 long.

Spray baste the sandwich layers together. Machine quilt the layers together. I decided to create a diamond pattern by quilting rows of straight stitches diagonally in one direction, then the other.
Trim the quilted piece.

Create a diamond pattern by quilting a line of stitches diagonally in one direction and then the other.

Sew long end together, right side in. Leave at least a 6 inch opening in the center for turning and inserting the pillow form.
Using the pillow form end as a template, trace a circle pattern, adding a 1/4 inch seam allowance. (Mine was an 8 inch circle.)

Cut out two main fabric circles, two batting circles, two muslin lining circles and two contrast fabric circles.

Spray baste two sets of fabric circle sandwiches together. Machine quilt together.
Fold the contrast circles in half. cut one quilt batting circle in half. Insert one half of batting in each of the folded fabric circles.
Baste the half circles to the quilted circles. These form the pockets.

The pockets in this pillow are just quilted half circles.

Zig zag the edges of the pillow ends together before sewing to the main fabric.

Pin the circles to the main fabric tube, right sides together. Use a number of pins to ensure the curves are smoothly eased together. Take your time to evenly distribute the curves. Sew the circles to the ends. Go slowly, you’ll be sewing over a lot of pins.
Clip curves all around the sewn ends. Turn the cover through the centre opening.
Push the ends out and wiggle the seams back and forth between your fingers until they are smooth.

Sew the circle ends to the ends of the quilted main fabric.

Insert the cushion form, first one side, then the other. Using strong thread, sew up the opening using a ladder stitch .
Ta-da! A study pillow worthy of your very smart student’s head.

Students: study hard. Listen your your tunes, and don’t forget the emergency chocolate.

That’s why it’s so important quilting a study pillow for college life…


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