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Sewing fusible applique shapes onto your quilt with the Brother NQ700

Sewing fusible applique shapes onto your quilt with the Brother NQ700

by Jean Boyd

Yesterday I showed you how to prepare the fusible applique shapes for our Spooky Halloween house. Today we’re using the Brother NQ700 machine to stitch the shapes in place.

Close-up view of the finished haunted house quilt showing stitched applique shapes of the moon and bats; Brother NQ700, Brother SA186 Metal Open-Toe Foot

Applique shapes sewn on with the Brother NQ700

Stitching the applique shapes

  • Put the open-toe foot on the Brother NQ700. This is one of the many feet that comes with this machine and it makes it so easy to see exactly where to stitch on these small pieces.

The open toe foot is on the Brother NQ700

Open toe foot on the Brother NQ700

  • I used a straight stitch on my applique shapes, but this blanket stitch would also work well. You can adjust the length and width of this stitch just by pressing the + or – keys and the stitch shows up on the LED screen.

The blanket stitch is shown on the LED screen on the Brother NQ700

Blanket stitch on the LED screen

  • Itʼs a good idea to reduce the stitch speed so you have better control when stitching around the shapes.

Machine stitching around black letters to make the word Boo on green; Brother NQ700, Brother SA186 Metal Open-Toe Foot

Stitch slowly around each applique shape.


When all the applique pieces have been stitched down, itʼs time to sew on the binding (if you didn’t do it before). Fold the binding over to the back and hand stitch it down. There are more instructions for sewing on the binding on Wednesday’s blog post from this week. You can also find detailed instructions in this tutorial Change up the way you make your quilt binding.

  • I also added a few rhinestone eyes for some added embellishment.

Rhinestone eyes are added to the bat shapes

Rhinestone bat eyes

  • And now you have a Spooky House wall quilt for your upcoming Halloween events!

The Spooky House wall quilt with appliqued shapes of the moon, bats and pumpkins

Finished Spooky House wall quilt

Making the extra shutters for the windows and the door that open are added fun features those little ones are sure to enjoy!

The shutters and door on the Spooky House wall quilt are open

Finished Spooky House wall quilt with open shutters and door

When I was writing this blog post, I only had the Brother NQ700  machine for a few days and so didn’t have time to explore much more than the basic features of the machine. But already I’m impressed with the stitch quality, the ease of use and the many features that are usually only found on larger machines. This is the perfect machine for a beginning quilter or to use when travelling or going to retreats and classes!

I hope you join me again in October on QUILTsocial when I explore even more of the wonderful features on the Brother NQ700  machine. I’ll be working on some Christmas projects that week. Itʼs never too early to get started!

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