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Simple steps to bias tape with UNIQUE Bias Tape Maker!

by Tania Denyer

Yesterday I explored the wonderful world of bias tape applique! I hope you were inspired 🙂 Today, I’ll go through how to make bias tape step by step, with some tips and tricks I learned as I go along.

Let’s make some noodles!

material for creating bias tape

  1. iron
  2. ironing surface
  3. pins
  4. fabric, cut into required width
  5. patience

Cut fabrics into the correct width for the bias tape maker you’re using. I chose to cut fabric on the bias but it’s not strictly necessary. The more wavy lines in your design, the more you want to call on the fabric to move, this is where a bias cut tape will help.

I used the 9mm size UNIQUE Bias Maker. I cut my strips into ¾” lengths. Test the first cut strip before making more to make sure it’s the right width.

You may also piece your lengths into one continuous strip but I found the joining seams do not move easily through the bias maker and can cause some frustration so if this process is new to you, eliminate that step.

Noodle fabric cut into ¾” bias strips

With all the UNIQUE Bias Makers, the instructions are on the packaging but the steps following have extra hints and tips I’ve learned.

  1. Cut ¾” strips on the bias (for the 9mm size bias maker)
  2. Cut the end of the bias strip at an angle to feed through the bias maker
  3. Use a hot iron
  4. Using a seam ripper or stiletto push the cut fabric through until the end pokes out
  5. Gently pull the edge through, about ½”, this may take some adjusting to get the fold just right, be patient
  6. Iron the starting end
  7. Pin end to ironing surface
  8. Continue pressing letting the iron tip push the bias tape maker
  9. It helps to pull slightly on the fabric strip as it enters the bias maker, the tension on the fabric strip helps to create a crisp fold
  10. Press the entire length of the strip
  11. Roll the bias tape to keep the fold if not using right away

Pull the fabric through about ½” to 1″ to get the folding action started

Pin the pressed end of the bias tape to ironing surface

Keep fabric strip taut as it moves through the bias maker

Make a variety of colors and sizes for your project and as you make more, the process will become easier.

You can roll your bias tape if you wish, I find it keeps its fold longer if I’m not appliqueing it straight away.

Keep bias tape rolled if not using it right away

Tomorrow I’ll show how to transfer the design to the background fabric and how to sew the bias tape applique made with UNIQUE Bias Maker to avoid the common pitfalls of excess waves or puckering.

Closer to Noodle Heaven!

Below is the free template for the zany noodles banner. Download it in preparation for tomorrow’s applique steps.

Click to download PDF Pattern

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