Finishing up the quilted retreat tote

Now that the individual parts of the quilted tote are ready, it’s time to put them together. I’m loving how everything looks so far and I’m excited to get the bag done. How about you? Are you ready for finishing up the quilted retreat tote? Laying out the pockets on…

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Bind and finish your quilted place mats

Now it’s time to bind and finish your quilted place mats. You’re almost finished your little modern quilts! First, trim excess batting and backing, and then square-up the place mat. You can use one fabric for the binding or join some of your leftover pieces to make a multi-colored binding.…

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10 ways to make your quilts more “modern”

Definition of a modern quilt Although I live in an old stone house surrounded by farm land with a multitude of country themed quilts decorating my home, I still find that I’m drawn to the “modern” quilts that are all the rage today. I think it’s their “clean” and “uncluttered”…

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