jennifer houlden

Mini templates create perfect applique shapes

The fun part is here! Not that piecing and quilting aren’t fun but I do enjoy making designs with applique and today I’m going to use four different shapes to create some applique. These mini templates create perfect applique shapes for my charming Christmas runner. Yesterday I quilted the runner…

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3 methods to tie off quilting threads

With the quilt top all pieced it’s now time to do some quilting. I find that many quilters aren’t quite sure on how to finish off the thread ends when quilting. Today I’ll highlight 3 methods to tie off quilting threads. Yesterday I pieced the quilt top together and am…

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5 elements of a good quilt design

Christmas really is just around the corner and now that I have all my projects for others completed I thought that I would make something for myself – what a novel idea! How many of us actually make things for ourselves at Christmas? So follow along this week as I…

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