machine quilting

Machine Quilting with Spagetti

Using Spagetti for machine quilting Yes, you heard that right – I’m going to try machine quilting with Spagetti – the THREAD that is!! I’ve already used the Spagetti and Fruitti threads on my home sewing machine (and they worked beautifully) but I do most of my machine quilting on…

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Making a Back Porch Pillow with WonderFil Threads

Selecting the fabrics Usually when I make a quilt, the last thing I select is the thread, and I pick it to match or contrast the fabrics in the finished quilt top. Today, since I have a limited numbers of colors of WonderFil threads to choose from, I’m working backwards. I really…

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Playing with My WonderFil Threads

Stepping outside the box Like most other quilters I tend to use the same type of threads over and over again for all of my projects. It’s safe. I know how they work in my machines and I know what to expect of the finished product. But once in awhile…

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