Finishing up the quilted retreat tote

Now that the individual parts of the quilted tote are ready, it’s time to put them together. I’m loving how everything looks so far and I’m excited to get the bag done. How about you? Are you ready for finishing up the quilted retreat tote? Laying out the pockets on…

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4 easy ways to make fabric pockets

Now that my plan is in place, I’m going to start sewing! Since I want my retreat bag to hold a variety of different tools, I want to have an assortment of different sized pockets. It would be easy to make all of the pockets the same way, but where…

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Quilting a Study Pillow for College Life

It’s important to engage in quilting a study pillow for college life. Taking the comforts of home isn’t completely possible when you are off to your school dorm, but this study pillow helps. No, it won’t take the exam for you, but you can store your phone or music player…

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