selvage project

6 best tips ever for sewing with vinyl

Yesterday on QUILTsocial I showed you how to use the sideways stitching feature on the NQ900 to sew handles onto our selvage project bag and today we’re going to finish that bag by adding vinyl pockets. Don’t worry if you’ve previously struggled with sewing materials like this, because today I’ve…

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PFAFF passport 3.0 delivers on stitch selection

It’s one thing to create something with beautifully designed fabric, it’s a totally different adventure to create the design yourself! One of the ways I enjoy designing fabric is experimenting with the stitches on PFAFF’s passport 3.0. There are 100 stitches built into the passport 3.0 with most having the…

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Perfect presser feet to make a zippered case

It’s easier to keep your creativity flowing with all of the possibilities provided by the variety of presser feet included with the PFAFF Creative 4.5. Today I’m going to turn my stitched selvage piece of fabric into a finished project using several of the feet. Assemble Project Pieces I kept…

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