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Sew Easy Half Diamond Ruler – 4½" x 14¼" and the Sew Easy Triangle Ruler 60° – 8" x 9¼"

2 diverse Sew Easy triangular rulers make 1 rectangular quilt block

Yesterday we were sailing the ocean blue as we use the KOMFORT KUT Slash-N-Circle Quilting Ruler– 9⅞" x 12½" to give some ...
Line are drawn on the 3 corners showing where the ¼” intersections are which will help with sewing.

Matching up the points on your half diamond shapes for quilting perfection

Yesterday we completed the 'grassy meadow' portion of the beach scene on our impressionistic quilt using the Sew Easy Triangle Ruler ...
Four 3D blocks made with the SEW EASY half diamond ruler make a nice arrangement

Easy 3D quilt blocks with the SEW EASY Half Diamond Ruler

Hi and welcome back to QUILTsocial for another fun and easy quilt idea. Yesterday I showed you how easy it ...