sewing table

A cozy quilt that began life in cyberspace

Since the Fall of 2006, I have been a Facebook devotee. Our daughter graduated from high school and had been accepted to do a nine-month community service program.The postings were far flung, and Internet — even phone communications — were in no way guaranteed. Social networking was the easiest option…

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Making a small drawer bigger with quilted baskets

The Studio Collection Design and Sewing Table from HA Kidd has some amazing features, and one small draw back: the drawer is quite small. It’s designed to hold small notions, and sewing machine bits and bobs. All of which could easily become a tangled mess. So, let’s make some small…

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From buffet to sewing — all in one table

Yesterday, we looked at putting together the Studio Collection Sewing and Design table. Today, we look at how quickly the table turns from buffet to sewing — all in one table. I’m looking forward to using it when my crafty pals come over and we need extra space. Before we…

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