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Unboxing the Husqvarna VIKING ONYX 25 | 9 accessories

by Elaine Theriault

How exciting to be back with a newly released sewing machine that you’ll LOVE. This week is about the Husqvarna VIKING ONYX 25 sewing machine.

A white and black sewing machine; Husqvarna VIKING ONYX 25

Husqvarna VIKING ONYX 25

Today, we’ll check out a few features and look at all the accessories. The ONYX 25 mechanical sewing machine would be perfect for your sewing studio. If you want a lightweight sewing machine to take to class, a retreat, or the cottage, or if you know a new sewist, the ONYX 25 is the perfect machine, and you’ll see why in a minute.

It comes with a dust cover, which I LOVE. I have a hard case from an older sewing machine; the big problem is where to store it, as those hardcovers are big and bulky. I LOVE that the machines now come with the dust cover. It’s easy to slip the cover over the ONYX 25 when you’re not using it, it’s easy to set aside when you’re sewing, and if you don’t like this cover, it’s super easy to make one!

A white dust cover on a sewing machine; Husqvarna VIKING ONYX 25

The dust cover for the ONYX 25

Of course, you must plug in the foot pedal and the power cord and turn it on!

Here’s a tip for those cords:

Keep the twist ties attached to the cords. Then, when you’re ready to pack up the ONYX 25, you don’t have to hunt for something to secure the cords. If you want something fancier than a twist tie, you can make something, but keep it attached to the cords. That’ll save a lot of time!

Power cords with twist ties; keeping the power cord and foot pedal cord on the Husqvarna VIKING ONYX 25

Keep the twist ties on the cords for easy access when packing up.

Let’s look at the accessories, which come in a nice resealable pouch. You’ll find loads of storage in the accessory tray to keep your accessories close at hand when you’re sewing.

A white tray for a sewing machine; Husqvarna VIKING ONYX 25

The accessory tray

The accessory tray is quite roomy and has storage in both the front and the back, and it’s easy to slide off.

A white plastic tray with flip lids of the Husqvarna VIKING ONYX 25

The open accessory tray

There are two spool caps (large and small), a couple of felt pads, and an extra spool pin. Did you know using the correct size spool cap for your thread is essential? We’ll explore this later in the week when we thread up the ONYX 25 and start to sew.

Four white circles and a white post for a sewing machine; Husqvarna VIKING ONYX 25

Spool caps, felt pads, and an extra spool pin

Four bobbins fit into a top drop-in bobbin case, which is easy to load and allows you to monitor the thread supply. Should you want more bobbins, they are easy to buy at your local Husqvarna VIKING dealer.

Four clear plastic bobbins for the Husqvarna VIKING ONYX 25

Four bobbins

See how easy it is to see into the bobbin case to monitor the thread? And look at the arrows and small diagram to make threading a snap.

A metal stitch plate with a clear plastic cover over the bobbin on the Husqvarna VIKING ONYX 25

The top drop-in bobbin case

There are a couple of tools for maintenance – a screwdriver for changing the needle and a brush for cleaning out the lint, with a seam ripper on the other end. How often should you clean out the lint from the bobbin case? Wind those four bobbins with your piecing thread; when they are empty, it’s time to change the needle and clean the lint!

An L-shaped screwdriver, a brush, and a seam ripper for the Husqvarna VIKING ONYX 25 sewing machine

Tools for maintenance

An Edge Guide attaches to the presser foot ankle, making it easy to quilt grid patterns or parallel lines of decorative stitching. And there’s a variety pack of needles to get you started.

Five needles and a metal guide for the Husqvarna VIKING ONYX 25

An Edge Guide and five needles

But here’s one of the most exciting parts of the accessories – the presser feet. In looking at them, you probably won’t see what I’m getting at, but those are the same presser feet used on the entire line of Husqvarna VIKING sewing machines!

Eight metal and white presser feet for the Husqvarna VIKING ONYX 25 sewing machine

Seven presser feet and a buttonhole foot!

YES! Because the ankle on the ONXY 25 is the SAME as the other Husqvarna VIKING machines, I can use the feet from my other sewing machines on this one. Some entry-level sewing machines have a different presser foot system, and the feet are not interchangeable with the other sewing machines in the line.

Using the presser feet interchangeably is HUGE and will truly make the ONXY 25 a good option for a backup machine, one for retreats or classes, or even for the new sewist. You can use your existing Husqvarna VIKING presser feet on this machine, and any new purchases will work on all your Husqvarna VIKING machines. Be sure to check, as I imagine not all feet would not work on the ONYX 25.

A metal foot attached to a white sewing machine ankle on the Husqvarna VIKING ONYX 25

The presser foot ankle

How exciting is that? If I’m a new sewist and the ONYX 25 is my first purchase and I invest in various presser feet, I would not have to abandon that investment when I want to trade up. Or if the ONYX 25 is my secondary machine, I can use my existing presser feet—a brilliant design!

There is much more to discover this week with the Husqvarna VIKING ONXY 25. Tomorrow, we’ll look at the machine features, and later this week, we’ll do a small project to test out the stitches and use some of those accessory feet.

A red box with the Husqvarna VIKING sewing machine logo on it inside a larger box; Husqvarna VIKING ONYX 25

Unboxing a brand new Husqvarna VIKING ONYX 25 is so exciting! Stay tuned for more information about this great starter sewing machine

Have a super day!


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