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Using the projector on the PFAFF creative icon 2: Perfect for quilting

Using the projector on the PFAFF creative icon 2: Perfect for quilting

by Betty Biberdorf

Yesterday we took a quick look at the built-in aids in the Help Center and how to personalize the screen of our PFAFF creative icon 2.

Next to the AI (Artificial Intelligence) on the creative icon 2, which we talked about yesterday, another amazing new feature is the built-in projector which gives us both a projected grid and laser guide. This tool is a game changer for piecing and quilting our projects!

A projector grid and laser with stitch preview on a stitched piece of beige fabric under a needle on a sewing machine; PFAFF creative icon 2

PFAFF creative icon 2 Projector Grid and laser with stitch preview

Using the projector for quilting

So, how does the built-in projector assist me in my quilting? It previews the stitch before I sew it – in actual size! The grid can be adjusted in size and angle which is great for allover quilting on my project. The laser guide lets me use 1 or 2 guidelines either straight or at any angle. I can even adjust the color of the grid or laser guidelines to work with most fabric colors and I’m not limited to one or the other – I can use the grid and 1 or both guidelines at the same time!

Just think how the projector can assist me with sewing half square triangle blocks. I usually sew them with two squares right sides together with a line drawn from one diagonal corner to the opposite corner, a ¼” seam stitched on both sides of the drawn line and then cut apart between the rows.

With the advance of the built-in projector, I don’t need to draw the diagonal line. I set one of the laser lines as my diagonal line guide and the other laser line as my stitch line. I can set it for whatever distance I want it to be – in this case ¼” or 6mm. And it’s very easy to set up the projector for either the grid or laser guideline. Open the Projector from either the physical button on the machine or through the Projector icon on the screen.

Computer screen on the PFAFF creative icon 2 sewing machine showing the Projector Menu

The PFAFF creative icon 2 Projector Menu opened on screen from the Projector icon

To sew half square triangles, I only need the laser stitch guidelines. Set the second guide to 6mm or ¼” away from the first guideline, and you’re ready to start sewing. Place the second guide on a corner of your square, and place the square diagonally under the presser foot. The stitch will be 6mm or ¼” away from the diagonal center. Turn the fabric and repeat for the opposite side.

Laser Guidelines on a sewing machine shown on a green patterned square piece of fabric; PFAFF creative icon 2

PFAFF creative icon 2 Laser Guidelines

Sewing half square triangles with a specialty stitch

We used a straight stitch to sew our half square triangles together. I wonder what happens if I sew a decorative stitch instead of a straight stitch? Now I can hear you saying – Wait – you can’t sew a seam together with a decorative stitch! Well, on the PFAFF creative icon 2 you can – let me show you how! (I was going to wait until tomorrow to show you this technique but I’m too excited about the possibilities that I need to share this with you today!)

We have a specialty techniques stitch category #8 subcategory #5 called Floating Stitches. When you’ve opened your seams and pulled the fabric open, these stitches look like they’re floating on the fabric and you can’t see the connecting straight stitches between the decorative stitch.

Select a floating stitch and place a piece of tear-a-way stabilizer behind the two pieces of fabric. Set your second laser line to 6mm or ¼” and sew the floating stitch ¼” away from the diagonal center of the square.

The PFAFF creative icon 2 sewing machine using the laser guideline to sew a Half Square Triangle on a green patterned piece of fabric

PFAFF creative icon 2 Half Square Triangles with Floating Stitch using the Laser Guideline

Now let’s see the magic happen! Cut the block apart between the two rows of floating stitches. Gently pull the top fabric away from the bottom fabric exposing the floating stitch only – the connecting stitches remain under the fabric. What a great way to sew half square triangles and have a decorative stitch add a creative touch to my block.

A half square triangle block in gray and green with a red decorative Floating stitch

Half Square Triangle block with Floating stitch

Quilting using the projector grid guideline

The Projector Grid also helps me keep my stitching straight whether it’s a row of straight stitches or a row of text stitched on my fabric. I just need to keep my grid line following the previously stitched row and I can sew repeated rows of text without drawing a single line! Just think of the beautiful quilt labels you can make using the Projector Grid! After I stitched my lettering on half of my square, I used the laser stitch guide to sew the block together.

Using the Projector Grid, laser guidelines and stitch preview of lettering on beige fabric on the PFAFF creative icon 2 sewing machine

PFAFF creative icon 2 Projector Grid, both guidelines and stitch preview

A green and gray half square triangle block with lettering in green thread on the gray fabric

Half Square triangle with lettering

I also love making bags and I use a top fabric, foam-type stabilizer such as INSPIRA In-R-Form, and backing fabric. The three layers are quilted together, and the projector makes this so easy! I used to draw my lines, insert my quilting guide and hope the quilting guide would help me sew straight (it usually didn’t!!). My creative icon 2 is a game changer with a built-in projector grid. I can set up the grid and use it to do my quilting. I just need to draw one line at a corner and use the grid to do the rest of my stitching. I can even choose a decorative stitch and project it onto my fabric to see what it will look like as a quilting stitch. So much easier than using the quilting guide!

The projector grid, on the PFAFF creative icon 2 sewing machine, shown on a green patterned fabric

PFAFF creative icon 2 Projector Grid guide quilting with decorative stitch

Use the grid to help keep your stitching in line and even.

PFAFF creative icon 2 Projector Grid guide to quilt fabric with decorative stitch.

PFAFF creative icon 2 Projector Grid sewing decorative stitch to quilt fabric

You can see from the backing fabric how evenly spaced the stitches are. Notice there’s no puckering of the fabric and I didn’t spray-baste or pin the three layers together.

Stitch quality shown on the back of a green piece of fabric

PFAFF creative icon 2 stitch quality on back of fabric

You can see why the PFAFF creative icon 2 is the perfect machine for all quilters and why I love the built-in projector capabilities! You’ll probably want to check out these amazing features at your local dealer.

Did you happen to notice the picture with the writing in the block? Join me tomorrow when we take a closer look at the many creative stitch possibilities on the PFAFF creative icon 2!

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Paula Rudolph November 9, 2022 - 8:52 am

Great ideas

Betty Biberdorf November 9, 2022 - 7:19 pm

Thank you Paula!


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