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1 great tip on how to sew sashing so quilt blocks line up

1 great tip on how to sew sashing so quilt blocks line up

by Jackie White

Today we’re going to put this adorable Turtles on the Trot quilted wall hanging together using our six cute turtle blocks and some colorful sashing and borders. Yesterday’s post we had so much fun choosing all the fabric for the turtle quilt blocks and today we’re ready to move on! Read on for 1 great tip on how to sew sashing so quilt blocks line up.

You’ll need to decide on a layout you like, whether it be two turtle blocks across and three down, or three across in two rows. I opted for the three turtles across in two rows.

Quilted wall hanging with 6 turtles fused onto a white background, separated by colorful borders and sashing.

Turtle wall hanging quilted and embellished with polka dot buttons

Once you decide, use your 2½” strips for the sashing and border. The sashing can be cut into four 2½” x 9” rectangles and will go between the blocks. Sew the three blocks together in each row.

When pressing, remember to press into the dark fabric, as shown.

Pieced sashing being pressed to dark side of white block.

Press to the dark fabric to avoid fabric showing through on the quilt top.

Cut three 2½” x 26½” strips for sashing between rows and top and bottom border. Sew sashing between the two rows. Here’s a great tip on how to do it so the vertical sashing between the blocks lines up. Line the two rows up right sides together. Put a pin in one piece of fabric where you think it should go. Pull back and do a visual check then repin in the exact place so they are lined up. I like using the Decorative Numbered Pins from Unique Quilting for the simple reason that the pins have a nice thick end for me to grab onto and push into the fabric. Sew each row together.

Two rows of blocks laid on top of each other, with the top set, pulled back to show the sashing.

Peel back the top row of blocks and check to make sure the sashing is lined up with the bottom row of blocks, before attaching the middle sashing.

Sew the borders on top and bottom. Press to the dark fabric. This will ensure that the dark fabric doesn’t show through on the top of your quilt. Sew the borders on to the sides and press.

The wrong side of the quilt top is shown with the fabric being pressed to the dark fabric.

Press the sashing and borders to the dark fabric.

Note I used different colored sashing and borders, just to really make it full of color. I chose solids that corresponded with the turtles.

Quilt top with fused fabric turtles on a white background with various colors for sashing and border.

Turtle quilt top ready to be quilted

Now you’re ready to pin batting and backing. Join us tomorrow as we finish quilting and embellishing this cute turtle wall hanging!

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