2 beautiful stitches and ribbon to embellish your wall quilt

This week is all about being creative with the PFAFF performance icon. In yesterday’s post we made selvage fabric and used it to make Half Square Triangle blocks. The blocks will make up the top and bottom rows of the heart wall quilt. Today’s post will add ribbon stitching to the center of the heart.

Ribbon stitch on center 12½” square

Ribbon stitching is one of the techniques I’ve always wanted to try on the performance icon; in fact, you can do double and triple ribbon stitches as well! I scrolled to the ribbon stitch menu on the Multi-Touch Screen and pressed the question mark icon and the stitch I selected. Instructions for how to do the stitch appeared on the screen.

Instructions pop-up for the Ribbon Stitch

I used a practice piece of fabric and some mini ric rac to try it out, and it was easy to follow the instructions. Ric rac isn’t the greatest choice because by the time you flip it over several times it no longer looks like ric rac, so for the heart wall quilt I found a thin piece of ribbon with velvet on one side.

This is what the ribbon stitch looks like on the Multi-Touch Screen:

Ribbon stitch on Multi-Touch screen

Here it is at the beginning of the stitching with one side of the ribbon to the left. Start by pressing the Needle Up/Down button to keep the needle in the fabric when the stitching stops. I use the Start/Stop button to let the machine stitch on its own; when it’s done stitching it’s time to fold the ribbon. I’m also using a pink thread to add some color to the stitches that show on the fabric.

Folding ribbon to the left

After folding the ribbon over, press the Start/Stop button again. The next time it stops, fold the ribbon to the right. Continue in this manner until the entire length of the fabric square has the ribbon attached.

Ribbon folded to the right after the next stitch stop

I love it! I am so pleased with how this ribbon turned out, and I want to do more! But that will have to wait for another project.

Floating stitch

The next technique I want to try on this wall quilt is the floating stitch. Now I’ve done this technique before using two different fabrics, but it’s a little different to do it on one piece of fabric. I thought this would be a great way to embellish one of the solid fabric strips for the strip blocks – at this point plain fabric really sticks out on this project!

Thanks to the performance icon’s Multi-Touch screen, I was again able to pick out my stitch and get instructions right on the screen. I had a small piece of the INSPIRA Fast & Easy Tear-A-Way Light stabilizer to put under the folded edge of my fabric. I used the pink thread, but switched to the Right Edge Bi-level Foot for IDT System.

Right Edge Bi-Level Foot for IDT System with folded fabric for floating stitch

For this technique I again use the Start/Stop button to let the machine stitch without having to use the foot pedal. I prefer this for stitches that are stitched out in different directions, so I don’t pull on the fabric. Instead, I simply guide the fabric – this time making sure the joining stitch is off the fabric edge.

Stitching complete with fabric still folded.

Now the magic happens! Gently but firmly pull the fabric open to reveal the floating stitches. The connecting stitches will not be visible on the front, the reason why they are called floating!

Carefully tear away the excess stabilizer from the back. A good press with the iron will smooth out any spots that were difficult to pull open. I love this technique!

Floating stitch on right side of fabric

Make the strip blocks

Now it’s time to lay out the four strips of fabric to make a strip block. There are two blocks, and I made mine mirror each other.

Four fabrics for strip blocks

To get precise seams, I used the Perfect ¼ inch Foot with Guide for IDT System. Press the seams of the block in one direction. Trim each block to measure 6½” square.

Perfect ¼ inch Foot with Guide for IDT System

Join blocks to selvage HSTs

Take a moment now to complete the side blocks of the center row; sew the top edge of a HST to each strip block. Note in the photo below I used one of each fat quarter print HST to make these sets. Press the seams toward the strip blocks.

Two side block units sewn together.

The heart wall quilt is coming together. The ribbon stitching and floating stitches from the PFAFF performance icon definitely adds to the look of the overall project!

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