2 in 1: applique embroidery with THE Dream Machine 2

Yesterday on QUILTsocial I shared 3 simple steps to follow to see what your embroidery design will look like BEFORE you start stitching! Today I’ll use THE Dream Machine 2 to do an applique embroidery design.

THE Dream Machine 2

There are a couple different ways to do applique with THE Dream Machine 2, but I’ll just show you one method today. The first thing to do is set the design and then press the embroidery button.

Press the “embroidery” button

Next, press the “Forward/Back” key on THE Dream Machine 2. This allows to access the screen where the part of the embroidery design to be stitched first can be selected.

Press the down arrow on THE Dream Machine 2 until the applique position is displayed. Once the applique position is selected on the screen, lower the presser foot and press the start/stop button.

Applique position is selected

THE Dream Machine 2 stitches a single line of stitching to show the position of the applique design (egg).

The stitched applique position

Next, select your applique fabric and lightly spray the back with 505 Spray. Now place it right side up on top of the fabric in the hoop, making sure that it entirely covers the applique position stitching line and press with your hand to secure.

Spray the back of the applique fabric

Now use the arrows to select applique material. The machine will now stitch a second line over top of the applique fabric along the same line that it stitched on the base fabric.

Press the down arrows

After the applique fabric is stitched, trim as close to the stitching line as possible.

Trim close to the stitching

Now, select applique by using the arrows to scroll up and down on the embroidery screen of THE Dream Machine 2.

Select “applique”

After the satin stitch is completed by THE Dream Machine, you can use sharp scissors to trim any loose threads from the applique fabric.

Trim the loose threads

Once the applique part of the embroidery is done, the rest of the design can be stitched! Here’s the finished Easter embroidery in the hoop of THE Dream Machine 2 from Brother. If you want more information on doing embroidery with THE Dream Machine 2, check out some of my previous QUILTsocial posts such as the ones in December.

The finished embroidery

Now that the applique and embroidery is finished, tomorrow we’re going to layer and quilt our little Easter door banner – see you then!

This is part 3 of 5 in this series.
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