2 MORE ways to applique: Get it right with Odif adhesive sprays

Welcome back! Yesterday I showed you how to prepare the applique pieces for Fish 1 using HeatnBond Featherlite 8½” x 11″ Sheets for the ‘Something Fishy’ wall quilt. Today, I’ll show you how to use Odif 606 Iron on Adhesive for Fabric to make the Fish #2 block. This product is a no-sew fusible adhesive for fabric, applique, quilting and paper images. Here’s a short video that gives more information about this product. For Fish #3, we’ll use Odif 404 Repositionable Craft Adhesive, great for moving your pieces until you’re happy with the results.

Fish 2

Using a removable fabric marking tool, trace the applique shapes for Fish 2 on the right side of the desired fabrics.

All ready to use Odif 606 for Fish 2 shapes

Now you’re ready to spray your fabrics with Odif 606 Iron on Adhesive for Fabric.

Protect your work surface with paper or plastic. Here’s one way to create a good spraying area. Shake the can well before each use and spray evenly from about 8″ on the wrong side of each fabric. The product is white and becomes transparent when ironing. You can see this on the green fabric in the following picture.

Fabric was sprayed with Odif 606.

Cut out each shape on the drawn lines.

Arrange the shapes on the 9½” x 9″ background fabric.

Place a transparent applique sheet or parchment paper on top of the applique shapes.
Iron on the cotton setting, without steam, for at least 45 seconds.
For stronger adhesion, iron on both sides. For best results, wait until the fabric is cool before handling.

Fish 2 ironed to background fabric

Fish 3

Here’s another way to create applique shapes, this time using Odif 404 Repositionable Craft Adhesive. Odif 404 allows you to reposition your applique shapes repeatedly on the background fabric. Itʼs like making each shape into a sticky note! It can also be used on paper, leather, plastic, wood, and metal. This product is acid-free and contains no Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

Remember to use your Mary Ellen’s Best Press if any of your fabrics have wrinkles in them, or need to have some stabilizer added to make the shapes easier to cut out. This is especially useful when using small shapes like the ones in Fish 3.

Mary Ellen’s Best Press is great for removing wrinkles from fabric.

Here’s how to use Odif 404 Repositionable Craft Adhesive for Fish 3:

Using a fabric marking tool, trace the shapes for Fish 3 on the right side of your chosen fabrics.

Roughly cut the shapes about 1″ larger outside the drawn lines.

Odif 404 ready to use for Fish 3 shapes

Place the fabric pieces, right sides down, on a protected surface.

Spray the wrong sides of the applique shapes from about 8″ away, using Odif 404.

Wait 30 seconds for the glue to cure.

Cut out the shapes on the drawn lines.

Shapes for Fish 3 are cut out.

The applique pieces are now ready to be placed and repositioned as needed on the 8½” x 9″ background fabric.

When you’re satisfied with the fabric arrangement, machine or hand-baste the shapes in place.

Fish #3 machine basted to background fabric

Please join me again tomorrow on QUILTsocial to learn how to use another HeatnBond Featherlite Iron–On Adhesive to create Fish #4 for the ‘Something Fishy’ wall quilt.

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thoroughly enjoyed this craft.
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Thanks Ruth. Glad you liked it!
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