2 UNIQUE longarm tools facilitate auditioning designs on your quilts

All week I’ve been sharing about essential tools when quilting with a longarm machine, and these same tools can be used for making your quilting experience even better when using a domestic machine. I’m ending this week’s posts with the last 2 essential longarm tools for this week that facilitate quilting designs and patterns: UNIQUE longarm pattern tracing film and UNIQUE LONGARM film marking pencils.

When I started out with longarm quilting, I could not figure out how to set up my pantographs for the second row of stitching and so I would trace my design for placement on tissue paper. This tissue paper would get damaged with use and then I would have to throw it out. The UNIQUE longarm pattern tracing film is a great replacement for my not so functional pattern tracing solution.

This film comes in a 20″ wide roll x 8¾ yards, so lots to work with and a width that’s great for some of the larger designs.

UNIQUE longarm pattern tracing film

I now trace my pattern onto the film with the UNIQUE longarm film marking pencils or a permanent marker, turn on my laser light and I know exactly how to place my design. This product is a lifesaver and a time saver.  I also believe it to be a frustration saver!

The packaging instructions state:

“Transparent film. Lay over quilt and draw quilt designs – no more ripping – accurately determine stitch/design size prior to stitching. Use UNIQUE longarm film marking pencils or a permanent marker”.

UNIQUE longarm film marking pencil (black) used to transfer a quilting design to the UNIQUE longarm pattern tracing film, the black marking shows up very well on the film

This pattern tracing film is also fantastic for placement of applique, embroidery designs and more.

Make a placement guide for applique using UNIQUE longarm pattern tracing film

However, to get the most use out of your film…

There are marking pencils available as well to use with the transparent film, which make it so that you can use the same film over and over. This product is called UNIQUE longarm film marking pencils.

The packaging instructions state:

“Use with pattern tracing film, do not use directly on fabric/quilt blocks. Writes on any porous or non-porous material and is moisture-resistant and resists fading. Wipes clean with a dry cloth. Ideal for marking on film as well as glass, plastic and most nonporous surfaces. Wax Core”.

These pencils come in a package of 3 colors, white, red and black so you can audition designs that will show up on the film and against almost any color of fabric.

From my experience with these pencils the markings are actually removed very easily with a bit of pressure and just a clean tissue making it an affordable product with the marking pencils as you can use the film over and over!

UNIQUE longarm film marking pencils, set of 3

Another use? To audition a quilt design, simply trace a design onto the pattern tracing film and lay it on top of the space on your quilt. You’ll see if the design works or not. Such a fantastic way to see if a design works, without sewing it first and ripping it out because the design is just not right.

Auditioning the quilt design by drawing design on UNIQUE longarm pattern tracing film and placing it on top of quilt block

I hope you have enjoyed my week of discussing this new line of UNIQUE longarm tools that I believe are an essential part of my quilting business. I hope you’ll try them too. If you’re interested, ask your local quilt shop and/or sewing store to order them for you.

Happy Friday, have a wonderful weekend.

This is part 5 of 5 in this series.
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Nancy O'Brien February 24, 2019 - 3:40 pm
This is the site I have been searching for!!! I got my longarm one year ago and have felt overwhelmed! I have only completed two quilts and want to go further! I absolutley hated the second one I finished and never took it off the frame! I have been looking for help and inspiration to continue on!!!! I am excited again!!!
Robin Bogaert February 25, 2019 - 9:58 am
So great to hear this Nancy. I'm sincerely glad you are excited about long arming again. It is really great once you get past the learning curve. I am glad we inspired you!
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