3 key features of THE Dream Machine 2

Yesterday I introduced you to this new machine that’s just arrived at the Studio; we talked about the excitement of discovering the accessories and stitches offered by the machine. Today I’m going to select 3 of the key features that I love about THE Dream Machine 2 and share those with you.

THE Dream Machine 2

1. Easy needle threading

The first feature that really appealed to me was the no strings attached easy needle threading. I have had automatic needle threaders on my machine before but nothing like this. Brother has prepared a video that shows just how wonderful this feature is; here’s a link so you can check it out. It really is just that easy.

AutoThreading | THE Brother Dream Machine Feature Showcase – YouTube

Imagine threading with a touch of a button? Well now you can with The Brother Dream Machine 2, Auto Threading feature. Watch the video to see how easy auto t…

2.  Quilting space

Another feature that I’m sincerely going to love sewing with on this machine in the next couple of months, is the amount of space I have when working on a larger project. The throat space on this machine is a wonderful 11¼” from my needle to the machine. There’s enough space here to roll a quilt easily and still have the ability to stitch with ease. Being able to quilt on a regular domestic machine is often a hassle because of the lack of quilting space. That will not be a problem with THE Dream Machine 2.

The extra large throat space on THE Dream Machine 2 will make working on those larger projects a breeze.

3. No more empty bobbin surprises

The third feature I believe is key on this machine is the warning that will sound when the thread in my bobbin is just about used up.

How often have you been stitching along making a perfect seam only to realize that about 200 stitches ago the thread in the bobbin ran out?

This has happened to the majority of us. Well, that’s not going to happen on this machine. The warning will sound and a display on the screen will let you know that it’s time to fill the bobbin.

Bobbin empty warning

That’s just 3 of the key features that I think you’ll love too about this sewing machine. Tomorrow we’ll start working on a new project and discover even more about THE Dream Machine 2 as we stitch along and put this machine into running mode. Happy Stitching!

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