3 quilt blocks that highlight Banyan Batik prints

Think spring! In yesterday’s post we cut the beautiful Banyan Batik prints into pieces to create the quilted cushion cover. Today we get up close and personal with the prints and let them showcase their beauty using three different block making methods. I took some time to think about how to use the iKat Sketch fabrics without cutting them up into tiny pieces. I think these block making methods feature the prints beautifully without sacrificing precisely pieced points.

Making a square in a square blocks

1. Using Fabric A – 4½” square, place one Fabric E – 2½” square on a corner and sew a diagonal line opposite the outside corner.

TIP Sew your line just a wee little bit to the right of the line (the side you’ll
be cutting off.)

2. Repeat on opposite corner. Trim ¼” seam and press to the new triangle corners.
3. Repeat with the two remaining Fabric E – 2½” squares.

Completed center square in a square block measures 4½”.

Square in a square quilt block steps

4. Repeat steps 1-3 with 3 more Fabric A 4½” squares and using Fabric E 2½” squares.
5. With the fifth Fabric A 4½” square, repeat steps 1-3 using Fabric B 2½” squares.

5 square in a square blocks for the boho inspired batik cushion cover

6. On EACH Fabric A/Fabric E Square in a Square unit sew one Fabric D 2½” x 4½” rectangle to a long edge; press the seam open.

Fabric E strip added to a square in a square unit.

Making no-waste flying geese units

1. Using the Fabric E – 5¼” square, place one Fabric B – 2⅞” square on corner with drawn line on diagonal of Fabric A square. Place a second Fabric B 2⅞” square on corner diagonal to it with drawn line in same direction – squares will overlap.

TIP I put a pin in the middle where the squares overlap to keep them lined up until I start sewing.

2. Sew ¼” away on each side of drawn line.

Step 1 for no-waste flying geese

3. Cut ON drawn line and press seams to the added triangles.

4. Position a Fabric B – 2⅞” square on the Fabric E corner with drawn
line in direction of added triangles.

5. Sew ¼” away on each side of drawn line. Cut ON drawn line and press
seams to the added triangle.

Adding the second background square to the flying geese units.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 with second unit to make a total of 4 flying geese units.

Trim to make each flying geese unit 2½” tall by 4½” wide.

Trimming the flying geese units.

7. Make 8 more flying geese units, repeating steps 1-6 two more times using the two Fabric B – 5¼” squares and 8 Fabric C – 2⅞” squares.

Finished flying geese units.

Making half square triangles with flipped corner square

1. Draw one diagonal line on the back of EACH Fabric C 5″ square.

2. With Right Sides Together, sew one Fabric C 5″ square to one Fabric D 5″ square sewing ¼” away on each side of drawn line.

3. Cut on the drawn line to create 2 HSTs; press the seams to Fabric D.
Trim each HST to 4½” square.

4. Place one Fabric C 2½¨ square on the Fabric D corner, Right Sides Together,
and sew a diagonal line opposite the outside corner.

Adding square to corner of half square triangle unit.

5. Cut on the drawn line and press the seam to the Fabric D background.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to add a Fabric C 2½” square to the second HST.

7. Repeat steps 2-6 to make two more HSTs with a flipped corner using the second Fabric C 5″ square, Fabric D 5″ square, and the two remaining Fabric C 2½” squares.

Seam pressed to the Fabric D fabric.

The main units for the batik quilted cushion cover are now ready. The quilt block construction methods made it easy to keep the focus on the Banyan Batik fabrics. I’ll give some time to catch up, join me tomorrow as we continue the cushion cover.

Boho inspired batik quilted cushion cover

This is part 2 of 5 in this series.
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