4 easy steps to piecing the colorful Diamond Hexagon cushion top

Yesterday, I showed you how to make the Half Diamond units. Today, I’m back with the secret to assembling the Diamond Hexagon cushion. Just four simple steps is all it takes to piece this project using  Gütermann 50wt Cotton Thread and Klassé Size 70/10 Universal Sharps Needles. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to simply piece all the units when you do it row by row.

Assembling the Diamond Hexagon using Gütermann Threads

Yes! You read that right! We’ll piece this project like any other project – row by row. Look at the project pinned on your design wall – are you seeing the rows now? Here’s an illustration to help you out:

Do you see the rows in the design? Note the row numbers, these will help when piecing.

Step 1

  • Stitch all your units from Row 1A together.
  • Makes an 8½” x 28½”
  • Repeat with Row 1B.

Step 1 – piece rows 1A and 1B.

Step 2

  • Stitch all your units from Row 2A together.
  • Makes an 8½” x 28½”
  • Repeat with Row 2B.

Step 2 – piece rows 2A and 2B.

Step 3

  • Stitch Row 1A and 2A together.
  • Makes a 16½” x 28½”
  • Repeat with Rows 1B and 2B.

Step 3 – piece 1A and 2A units together.

Step 4

  • Stitch your two Step 3 units together.
  • Makes a 32½” x 28½”

The units are all sewn together to complete the cushion top

See how easy it was to assemble your Diamond Hexagon cushion? Your Sew Easy 60° Triangle Ruler and Sew Easy Half Diamond Ruler help create straight seams that align perfectly when sewing. All you need to do nest the seam allowances where they meet (make sure one seam allowance goes in one direction, and the other goes in the opposite direction) as you sew to get a nice, flat seam.

Nest the seam allowances in opposite directions when stitching.

Assembling the Diamond Hexagon.

This completes today’s post on assembling the quilt top of the Diamond Hexagon cushion. I really enjoy working with Gütermann 50wt cotton thread. In fact, I like the thread so much that I have a Gütermann 3000m spool on my machine at all times for piecing!

Be sure to come back tomorrow when I show you how I quilted the project.

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