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5 top features to love about the NEW HV EPIC 95Q

by Elaine Theriault

Welcome back for another exciting day with the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q. Isn’t Integrated Dual Feed the best feature ever? Or how about the bright LED lights? Yesterday, I introduced you to the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q. Today, I’ll give you an overview of some of my favorite features and functions. I’m not sure I’ll have time to review all of my favorites in just one week, but I’ll try! Besides, we want to get some sewing done on the EPIC 95Q, too.   

Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q

Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q

One of the things I love about the EPIC 95Q is how much flexibility I have. Whether it’s how I can personalize the sewing machine to me, or how easy it is to play with stitch lengths and widths, program unique stitch sequences, or even use the JoyOS Advisor as a starting point and play with those settings.

One of my favorite screens to play with when I get a new sewing machine is under the Settings function, which is in the top right of the screen on the EPIC 95Q.

There’s a menu for changing the default settings for sewing or embroidery. You can also make temporary changes for sewing or embroidery. Those temporary settings will revert to the default settings the next time the sewing machine is turned on. It’s also in the Settings menu when you log onto your mySewnet account.

In Machine Settings, you’re able to personalize the EPIC 95Q to your liking. Select the language, set the volume for notifications, change the screen’s color, change the brightness of the LED lights, switch between inches and mm for the measurements, change the clock, and even give the machine a nickname. Naming sewing machines is a favorite for many, and I love hearing people talk about George or Daisy and know they’re talking about their sewing machine.

One feature I love is the clock. I know this sounds like a simple and perhaps frivolous feature. But you get used to it, and I now rely on the clock more than I expected I would. The other day, I was sewing without the clock on, and I can’t tell you how many times I glanced up to look at the time, and it wasn’t there. That clock is a nice feature to have, although it does show what odd times I’m working. Ooops! Okay, so I’m an early bird…

The Machine Settings menu on the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q

The Machine Settings menu

An optional accessory for the EPIC 95Q is the Multi-Function Foot Control. What’s the big deal about this foot control? To start with, it’s heavy! And it has a rubberized surface on the underside, which means when you put it on the floor in a specific spot, it stays there! I have vinyl flooring in my studio, and I’ve never had this foot pedal move – not even an inch. It’s glorious because you always know precisely where the foot control is.

The Multi-Function Foot Control by Husqvarna Viking

The Multi-Function Foot Control

The foot control connects to the EPIC 95Q through one of the USB ports on the side of the sewing machine. The cable is nice and long. I hate when the cables are so short the foot control won’t sit flat on the floor.

The cable for the Husqvarna Viking Multi-Function Foot Control connected to the USB port. the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q

The cable for the Multi-Function Foot Control connects to the USB port.

And if that isn’t enough, the best part is this foot control is programmable! Yes – there are three spots where you can program a function. There are wings on either side and the heel of the foot control. So, I can program the Stitch Re-Start, the Foot Up/Extra Lift, Reverse, the Cut Function, or the FIX Function. Note these programmable functions are also located on the Function Panel above the needle. You might wonder why you’d want control of those functions with your foot. It’s just faster! Instead of reaching up to touch the CUT Function, I swing my foot slightly to the right, and the CUT Function is activated. I want to add a FIX Function, I swing my foot slightly to the left, and I turn on the FIX Function. It’s so easy!

At first, I thought I would struggle with this. I thought I would end up cutting my thread when I didn’t want to or doing a FIX when I was in the middle of stitching a seam. I was surprised at how easy the Multi-Function Foot Control was to use. After a few practice runs, I was in business. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to teach my brain to use the foot control instead of the function panel. Industrial sewing machines have the same feature, and it sure speeds things up.

I wouldn’t recommend switching the functions around a lot unless your brain easily adapts. But think about the functions you use the most and program them in. Imagine just having to swing your foot slightly left to get reverse? Oh, yes – I love it.

I sewed for a few days without the Multi-Function Foot Control, and my foot kept itching to swing right to cut the thread. I didn’t think I would miss it that much, but I was wrong!

The Multi-Function foot control still has the same TAP feature that is on the regular foot control. Tap the foot pedal once to advance the stitch by half a stitch, so if the needle is in your work, a tap will bring it out and vice versa.

Remember, if you’re using the STOP/START function on the sewing machine, you can tap on the foot pedal to stop. So, there are actually more than three programmable spots on the foot control. Be sure to test it out. You’ll love it!

The program menu for the Husqvarna Viking Multi-Function Foot Control

The program menu for the Multi-Function Foot Control

When the Multi-Function Foot Control is connected to the EPIC 95Q, an additional menu will appear in the Settings menu. This menu allows you to make changes to the locations of the programmable functions.

The Settings menu on the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q computerized sewing machine

The Setting menu

Another great feature of the EPIC 95Q is the larger bobbin size. It’s 30% larger than the bobbin for the smaller machines, which means you can sew 30% longer before you need to change the bobbin.

The blue bobbins for the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q are 30% larger than the green bobbins

The blue bobbins for the EPIC 95Q are larger than the bobbins for smaller machines.

Pre-wound bobbins (in black and white bobbin weight thread) are now available for the EPIC 95Q. If you’re into machine applique, these bobbins work perfectly for the bobbin thread.

Pre-wound bobbins in black and white for the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q

Pre-wound bobbins in black and white

Here’s another excellent feature of the EPIC 95Q. Take a look at the built-in telescopic thread stand with room for two large cones of thread. Note the nice large flat spool holder for the cones to sit on. Small spools work just as well. And when you’re finished sewing, the thread path system folds down into the machine so you can close the lid.

I usually keep my cone of sewing thread on one spool holder and a cone for my bobbin thread on the other.

I love this thread path system. I’ve used all kinds of thread and never I’ve had issues with any of them. If the thread is somewhat fussy, there’s enough distance from the spool to the tension disks to work out any kinks.

The telescopic thread path system on the Husqvarna Viking EPiC 95Q

The telescopic thread path system

Here’s another accessory I love – the optional extension table. While I like the accessory box to hold the extra presser feet, I love the extension table even more. Over many years of sewing, I’ve found you don’t need a super large area around your sewing machine, but having some extra space on the left helps keep the work from creating drag to the left of the needle. The extra space in front is perfect for matching up seams before they go under the needle. I’m not a pinner, so this extra room in front is imperative to perfectly matched seams.

The optional extension table for the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q

The extension table

Here’s the view from the side – the curved edge is so beautiful. Your project easily slides over that curve. And I can’t count how many times I’ve been making blocks with many small pieces and use the ruler along the front edge to make sure I’m picking up the correct pieces. I’d be lost without this extension table!

The curved edge of the extension table for the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q

The curved edge of the extension table

Well, I just realized we’ve been exploring for two days, and haven’t sewn a single thing! As I mentioned, there are so many features and cool stuff on the EPIC 95Q, I got distracted!

Yes, the EPIC 95Q is a glorious sewing machine, and I’ll show you some stitching in just a minute. But the thought that went into the design of this sewing machine is brilliant. It’s like they anticipated the needs of the user. The well-thought-out features will help the new sewist, and will encourage the more experienced to think outside of the box. I love how all those features enhance the sewing experience!

On to some sewing… Here’s a little peek at what the JoyOS Advisor can do. I needed to secure the edges on this small sample before binding it. I went to the JoyOS Advisor and selected Woven Heavy as my fabric choice, with overcast for the technique.

The next image shows the recommended settings. I did shorten the stitch length a little. Note the instructions for the overcast stitch came onto the bottom of the screen. The recommended presser foot appears on the screen, and the stitch is automatically loaded. I don’t even have to search for the overcast stitch.

Doesn’t that make this job of finishing the edges so much easier?

The settings for the overcast stitch as chosen by the JoyOS Advisor for the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q

The settings for the overcast stitch as chosen by the JoyOS Advisor

It was easy to place the work under the J presser foot and finish off the edge. The little bar along the edge of the foot ensures the stitch is nicely formed along the edge of the fabric. That was too easy!

The J presser foot is used to overcast the edge of a quilt sample. Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q

Using the J presser foot to overcast the edge of a quilt sample

And here’s my finished sample. Isn’t that amazing? I didn’t have to think about what presser foot to select or where to find the overcast stitch. By choosing the fabric type and weight and the technique, the JoyOS Advisor did all the hard work, and all I had to do was steer the fabric under the needle.

The overcast edge of the quilt sample stitched on the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q

The overcast edge of the quilt sample

The Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q is all about flexibility, and I love that. It makes the EPIC 95Q the perfect sewing machine for someone learning to sew who needs extra guidance, or the more experienced sewist who will love the flexibility to get the most mileage from the sewing machine.

Not only will the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q give you recommendations on such things as which needle to use and when to use stabilizers, but it will help you learn new techniques and improve your existing skills. Your projects will look super professional when they’re finished.

I’ve got some more great features to cover tomorrow, so be sure to check it out.

Have a great day!!


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eileen October 3, 2023 - 5:48 pm

can i use a cutie frame on epic 95q sewing machine

Elaine Theriault October 3, 2023 - 6:31 pm

You should be able to — check with the makers of Cutie Frame to check for any special requirements needed by them.


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