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Introducing the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q!

Introducing the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q!

by Elaine Theriault

Oh my! This is an exciting week. We’re going to have some fun with the brand new Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q, the new top-of-the-line sewing only machine!

Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q sewing machine

Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q sewing machine

It’s a brand-new machine, and yet it looks familiar. Yes, it has the same look as the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2, which is the top-of-the-line embroidery machine. I have a feeling we’ll have a lot of fun exploring some of the fantastic features and functions of this sewing only machine.

Let’s get started.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you turn on the EPIC 95Q are the bright lights in the work area. I happened to be sewing early one morning and didn’t want to disturb anyone else by turning on an overhead light. I was sewing using only the LED lights of the EPIC 95Q. You know it’s bright when you can sew by that light alone! But if you find the lights are too bright, there’s a setting that allows you to dim them.

Sewing using only the LED lighting on the sewing machine. Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q

The LED lighting system on the EPIC 95Q

The first thing I did when I got the EPIC 95Q into my studio was to connect it to my Wi-Fi and log into my mySewnet account. That way, I can ensure the sewing machine always has the latest updates – no need to take the machine to the dealer for that. I also have access to the mySewnet Blog, where I’ll find tips, tricks, inspiration, and news about new projects. Connecting to the mySewnet account also gives me access to the mySewnet Cloud, allowing me to use the free apps and to save files to the Cloud. I can save a programmed stitch sequence or a modified stitch to the Cloud for easy access – no need to find those USB sticks.   

The best part of the mySewnet account is that I can now log into any Wi-Fi-enabled machine and access my files. Since the files are in the Cloud, they’re available to me if I’m somewhere else or I swap out the sewing machine for a new one. How easy is that? It’s the future of technology, and it’s so exciting to see it embraced by Husqvarna Viking.

After I logged in, it took a few moments for the EPIC 95Q to sync with my account, and I was good to go!!

Synchronizing the mySewnet account on the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q sewing machine

Synchronizing the mySewnet account after logging in.

When you sign up for your free mySewnet account, you get 100MB of storage space. While I have many files in the Cloud, I’ve only used 15MB of storage. I don’t think I’ll run out of storage space anytime soon.  Check out the link for more information on mySewnet. You’ll be impressed at all you can do!

Now that the EPIC 95Q is logged into mySewnet, I can access the mySewnet Blog. There are currently two projects I can get instructions for by merely clicking on the pictures. It’s that simple to get inspiration and ideas for making something. I love the mySewnet Blog.

The welcome screen of the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q

The welcome screen encourages you to try new techniques

The EPIC 95Q encourages you to try the exclusive built-in stitch techniques. The note in the top right corner asks if I’d like to try applique stitches, and by clicking on that note, I’m taken directly to the Dimensional Applique Stitch Menu. Then I can select one of the decorative stitches and give it a whirl.

If I don’t know how to use those dimensional applique stitches, a tutorial appears on the bottom of the screen to guide me. How fun is that?

That tutorial is in the JoyOS Advisor, so it’s always available. And the note in the top corner can be different each time you turn on the EPIC 95Q.

The Dimensional Applique Stitch Menu with the tutorial on the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q

The Dimensional Applique Stitch Menu with the tutorial

That’s what I love about the EPIC 95Q. I may be so excited when I get the EPIC 95Q out of the box that I don’t even remember it has all these great stitches. By checking the note every day and experimenting, I’m learning at the same time. We can’t appreciate a technique if we’ve forgotten that we have access to it. Letting the EPIC 95Q encourage us is a great way to learn how to use this fantastic sewing machine’s full capacity. In this case, it’ll help to expand my knowledge of what’s inside.

Now here’s another fantastic tool. See the question mark in the top right-hand corner? That’s called the Quick Help. Right now, it’s activated, and if you were looking at the actual screen, you’d see it pulsating. To activate it, I touch the Quick Help and then touch any feature, button, or stitch on the current screen.

The Quick Help is activated on the screen of the Husqvarna Viking EPiC 95Q

The Quick Help

I select the Sensor Foot Pressure function. A pop-up message appears on the screen telling me what that function is. If that’s not enough information, I can select to read more about it by touching the gray bar on the pop-up menu.

A pop-up message from the Quick Help on the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q

The pop-up message from the Quick Help

Touching the gray bar will take me to the built-in User Guide. I know – how crazy is that? The entire User Guide is accessible on the interactive touch screen.

The User Guide on the interactive touch screen on the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q

The User Guide is built-in

I’ll look at the User Guide another day. You know me – I like to read the User Guide. You’d be amazed at how much valuable information is there! It might seem awkward to have it on the screen, but using Quick Help and having immediate access to the feature is a huge advantage over a hard copy.

Another fantastic feature on the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q is the JoyOS Advisor. It’s like having a sewing instructor in your house. I have access to learning material for sewing and quilting, and a Knowledge Center with excellent resource material, including some projects. There’s a quick start guide to get me started on the EPIC 95Q, a stabilizer guide, and a step-by-step workbook for some of the techniques.

The JoyOS Advisor on the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q.

The JoyOS Advisor on the EPIC 95Q

I can select the type and weight of fabric I’m sewing. And by choosing the technique I want to do, the EPIC 95Q will determine the correct stitch, set the length and width of that stitch, and indicate which presser foot is best. WOW!

You can over-ride any of those choices if necessary, so there’s a lot of flexibility. The suggested settings give you an excellent starting point, even if you are more experienced.

As if all that wasn’t enough to make you want an EPIC 95Q, here’s another excellent reason. There’s a built-in walking foot! Well, that’s the term that many of you will recognize – the technology is called the Integrated Dual Feed or IDF for short.

The Integrated Dual Feed on the Husqvarna Viking EPiC 95Q

The Integrated Dual Feed on the EPIC 95Q

Not all stitches can use the IDF. It’s easy to disengage the IDF by gently pulling down on the white section and releasing it. It parks high behind the needle, so it won’t interfere with the work.

The IDF is parked behind the needle out of the way of your project. Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q

The IDF is parked behind the needle out of the way of your project.

There’s a small cutout on the back of the presser feet you can use with the IDF. If the presser foot doesn’t have the cutout, then you can’t use the IDF. And what’s even better? If you’re about to use a stitch that works better with the IDF and you don’t have the IDF engaged, you get a reminder that you should engage the IDF. WOW!

The presser foot on the left has the cutout for the Husqvarna Viking Integrated Dual Feed system

The presser foot on the left has the cutout for the IDF

What exactly is this Integrated Dual Feed technology? It’s a set of feet teeth that help move the top layer of fabric along at the same rate as the bottom layer. The IDF engages with the feed teeth in the sewing machine’s bed and ensures that both layers are moving at the same pace. There’s no longer any pushing or stretching of that top fabric. No more clunky walking foot to attach. Can you imagine how easy it is to piece with the IDF? And what about when you’re quilting? I love this feature, and this alone would make me covet this machine!

The feed teeth on the Integrated Dual Feed on the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q

The feed teeth on the Integrated Dual Feed

There are three additional feed teeth directly in front of the needle position – right where you want them to be, especially if you’re working with something small or pointed at the start of your seam.

Three extra feed teeth in the bed of the Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q

Three extra feed teeth in the bed of the sewing machine

Wow – I’m so excited to dig deeper into the features and functions of this fantastic sewing machine. In case you didn’t know, the Q in EPIC 95Q means quilting. So, if you’re a quilter, there are a lot of features and functions in this machine just for you!

I’ll be exploring more amazing features tomorrow, so be sure to come back and see what all the buzz is about with the BRAND NEW Husqvarna Viking EPIC 95Q.

Have a great day! Ciao!!!

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Sharon L. Wright January 1, 2021 - 3:34 pm

This is so exciting and helpful, I pick up my new machines next week and was alittle anxious.I’ve always sewn on Husqvarna Viking machines for the last 50 years. I. An avid quilter and so excited about this machine.


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