5 ways UNIQUE longarm reverse action tweezers lend a hand

Yesterday, I talked about pins that are so effective for quilting, sewing and longarming. Today, I’ll talk about the new UNIQUE longarm reverse action tweezers. Tweezers are helpful for quilters’, sewists’, embroiderers’, longarmers’ and makers’ of all types because we’re always working with fine details to perfect our art.

UNIQUE longarm reverse action tweezers
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Unique longarm reverse-action tweezers, I have found to be especially excellent because they reduce the amount of hand fatigue when removing threads from quilts. As I squeeze the handles, the tweezers open up, when I release the handles, the tweezers close.

When the reverse tweezers are closed, they grab thread or tiny objects without any effort at all and hang on tight. I’m particular about the stitch quality, especially for custom quilts when working for customers. I seam rip and remove threads often. Having a tool that is ergonomically helpful and easier to manipulate is really fantastic.

UNIQUE longarm reverse action tweezers, push to open, precise and ergonomic and reduces hand fatigue.

These tweezers come with a rubber cap to protect the tips. I keep these on at all times when not in use just in case little people are in my studio and to protect those points. Safety first!

These reverse action tweezers are also essential for holding my machine needles when changing a needle and/or rethreading my machine. This is important because I change my needles and threads often on my longarm as I work away for hours with customer quilts and have frequent thread color changes.

These tweezers are strong and precise without causing hand fatigue and once squeezed open on the needle they stay tight and in place.

Changing my needle with UNIQUE long arm reverse action tweezers.

Rethreading with UNIQUE longarm reverse action tweezers.

I have found these tweezers so practical when working on my domestic machine as well. I keep a pair in both my domestic sewing and longarm quilting areas.

For example: when working with paper piecing these precise pointed tweezers are extremely useful for pulling away the tiny paper bits for paper piecing, getting at the threads in seams, satin stitching, seam ripping, picking up tiny beads, sequins, embellishments, serger threading and so much more.

It’s easy to pick up threads with the precise point and strong tip of the UNIQUE long arm reverse action tweezers.

Picking up beads and embellishments effortless with the UNIQUE long arm reverse action tweezers.

UNIQUE longarm reverse action tweezers pick up the tiniest pins, threads, beads and embellishments with ease.

It’s so easy to add sequins/embellishments to your quilts with the UNIQUE longarm reverse action tweezers! A look at my mini cardinal quilt for November
via: quiltingintheloft.com

I would call these UNIQUE longarm reverse-action tweezers one of the most frequently used tools in my studio and I’m sure it will be the same for you once you try them. To locate these tweezers, ask your local quilt shop or sewing store owner if they have these tweezers in their inventory.

Join me tomorrow, I’ll talk about thread nets and why they are very helpful for longarm quilters.

This is part 2 of 5 in this series.

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Robin February 2, 2019 - 6:23 pm
Great I am sure you will find them useful Delaine :)
Delaine February 2, 2019 - 6:47 am
These tweezers will make a very welcome addition to my sewing tool box. Thanks!
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