6 easy steps to add glamour to your wall quilt with OdiShine Glitter Gel

Yesterday on QUILTsocial I showed you how to attach a hanging sleeve to your quilt, the easy way and finished the quilted wall banner base. Today I’ll show you how to add some glamour to your quilted banner project using a brand-new product called Odif OdiShine Glitter Gel.

OdiShine Glitter Gel

Odif OdiShine Glitter Gel is available in a 65g jar and is both acid-free and BPA-free. Suitable for various textiles, it proves to be a versatile addition to sewing and craft projects. This concentrated glitter is crafted for maximum shimmer and comes in recyclable packaging, promoting eco-responsible creative work. With 14 available colors, each jar includes its own applicator. H.A. Kidd has provided four different colors for experimentation: ruby, pink agate, silver, and opal. Applying this glitter gel is straightforward, involving just six easy steps.

Step 1 Prepare your stencil.

The Odif OdiShine Glitter Gel can be applied using a paintbrush or another applicator, but for this project, I’m following the general instructions and using a stencil. Stencils can be made from various materials; I often use freezer paper, which I can iron onto my fabric. However, for this project, I have a clear plastic stencil designed for papercrafts with dots all over it.

To prevent the stencil from moving while applying the glitter gel, I’ll use a light spray of Odif 505 Temporary Quilt Basting Adhesive Fabric Spray on the back of the stencil. This will adhere securely to my fabric.

Use adhesive spray to stick the stencil to the fabric.

Step 2 Stick the stencil to the fabric.

For the background of my applique piece, I’ve chosen a thick, cream-colored felted wool. Alternatively, you could use felt or cotton fabric, but if you opt for cotton, you’ll need to add a binding around the piece. Center the stencil, adhesive side down, on the fabric and press down with your hands to ensure it sticks in place.

Stick the stencil to the fabric.

Step 3 Spread the glitter gel.

Next, I’ll use the applicators provided with the product to extract some of the Odif OdiShine Glitter Gel from each jar.

Use the supplied applicator to take glitter gel out of the jar.

The flat side of the applicator is perfect for spreading the gel evenly across the stencil.

Use the applicator to spread the glitter gel on the stencil.

I chose to apply the ruby, silver, and pink gels in stripes on the stencil, mixing the colors slightly in between. This was easily achieved by using the applicator to spread each color into the adjacent area.

Spread the three colors of glitter gel over the entire stencil.

Step 4 Remove the stencil.

Starting from one side, lift the stencil off the fabric carefully, being mindful not to touch any of the polka dots. The gel has a thick consistency, so it won’t run and will stay in place as long as you avoid touching it. Clean your stencil with soap and water; the glitter gel comes off easily. If the Odif 505 Temporary Quilt Basting Adhesive Fabric Spray residue persists on the back, use a small amount of Murphy’s Oil Soap and a sponge to scrub it off.

Step 5 Let the glitter gel dry for 1 hour.

Step 6 Iron the fabric.

Now I’ll iron the fabric with my OLISO Pro Smart Plus Iron without using any steam. I’ve also placed an applique sheet between the iron and the fabric to protect both the iron and the glitter. After ironing, you could let it sit for 48 hours, and then it would be machine washable. However, for our purposes, there’s no need to wash this wool.

Iron the fabric after letting the glitter dry for 1 hour.

And here’s my beautiful polka-dotted wool!

The finished wool fabric

Now that this wool fabric has its Odif OdiShine Glitter Gel polka dots, it will serve as a great background for the Valentine-themed wool applique design. Tomorrow, we’ll begin working on that!

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Linda James February 17, 2024 - 9:26 pm
My jar of OdiShine is not smooth liquid. It's more solidified. Can I thin it out with water?
Christine Baker March 6, 2024 - 9:36 pm
Thanks for your question! I looked on the Odif website for an answer but couldn’t find one. But since the OdiShine cleans so well with water I would think that you could use that to thin yours out a bit. Maybe just take a small amount and add a little water and see what happens. If it doesn’t work, I would contact Odif on this contact form: https://www.odifusa.com/page/contact-3.html Hope this helps! Christine
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