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6 fun fat quarters turn into a quilted game

Summer fun or anytime fun! The Recess line from Banyan batiks is coming to quilt shops and the designs definitely shout fun. But not just any kind of fun – fun with friends, outdoor fun, but especially fun to be had when playing games!

This line of fabric inspired me to create a game to play, well, anywhere! Not an original game, but a classic one, pieced and quilted to travel or simply take outside to the backyard. Maybe a teacher might even enjoy having it in a classroom? Shhh! Let’s go play in our sewing rooms and make this quilted game using Northcott’s latest Banyan Batiks.


Quilted game made with Recess line from Banyan batiks.
Quilted game made with Recess line from Banyan batiks.



The 6 fat quarters from the Recess line that I used are:

  • board game top fabric 80115-91
  • board game backing fabric 80110-29
  • symbol fabric X 80114-63
  • symbol fabric X background fabric 80110-94
  • symbol fabric O 80114-99
  • symbol fabric O background fabric 80111-43

You’ll also need some batting to quilt the game board and pieces:

  • One cut – 18″ x 21½″ for the board
  • and 10 – 5½″ squares for the game pieces

There’s enough fabric to make a travel bag to carry all the game pieces too! Follow the cutting instructions below to get ready to sew along with me this week and create your own quilted game – it’ll be fun 🙂


Quilted game board tied up.
Quilted game board tied up.


cutting instructions

symbol fabric X 80114-63

  • 5 – 5½″ squares
  • 5 – 1½″ x 8½″ strips
  • 5 – 1½″ x 9½″ strips

symbol fabric X background fabric 80110-94

  • 2 – 1½″ x 21 strips
  • 5 – 5½″ squares

Cut pieces from fat quarter in this order to make best use of fabric:

Cut 1 – 3″ x 21″ strip.
Subcut into 2 – 1½″ x 21″ strips.

Cut 2 – 5½″ x 21″ strips.
Subcut into a total of 5 – 5½″ squares.

Reserve 4″ x 21″ strip.


Quilted X block game pieces.
Quilted X block game pieces.


symbol fabric O 80114-99

Cut 6 – 1½″ x 21 strips.
Subcut strips to make total pieces required, starting with longest strips and working down to squares.

  • 10 – 1½″ x 5½″ strips
  • 10 – 1½″ x 3½″ strips
  • 20 – 1½″ squares

symbol fabric O background fabric 80111-43

  • 2 – 1½″ x 18 strips
  • 5 – 3½″ squares
  • 20 – 1½″ squares
  • 5 – 5½″ squares (backing)

Cut pieces from fat quarter in this order to make best use of fabric:

Cut 2 – 5½″ x 18 strips.
Subcut 1 strip into 3 – 5½″ squares; subcut remaining strip into 3 – 1½″ squares.
Subcut second strip into 2 – 5½″ squares and 4 more 1½″ wide strips – cut each strip into 3 more 1½″ squares.
Cut 1 – 3½″ x 18 strip.
Subcut into 5 – 3½″squares.
From remaining fabric cut 3 – 1½″ wide strips (should be around 3½″ in length).
Subcut into 1½″ squares to get to total of 20 – 1½″ squares.


Quilted O block game pieces.
Quilted O block game pieces.


The game board fabric will be cut as it’s made.

We’re off to a good start! Cutting into these fun fat quarters of Recess fabric makes me want to play in my sewing room all day.


This is part 1 of 5 in this series.

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I love to play with color and *quilts* are my playground! A self-taught quilter, I've been designing quilts for almost 20 years. I'm inspired by happy fabrics, selvages, traditional blocks and nature. I'm also a wife, mother, and elementary school teacher, and enjoy drinking coffee on my front porch in northern Ontario.


  1. Sandy Allen

    Oh, this would have been fun to have on long car trips when I was a kid!

  2. Beth B

    Thanks for this project. Fun for adults and kids. Kids with a bit of seeing experience could make this. Since it is made from fabric, it would also be a quiet game.

  3. Making one of these tic-tac-toe games has been on my to-do list forever. Maybe I’ll get around to it now because figuring out measurements is no longer a valid excuse. I’m thinking the ‘X’ and ‘O’ squares could even double as coasters. Thanks for the little push :-).

    • Your welcome Cindy! The pieces make up quickly and the game is fun for all ages. You could even make each “X” and “O” block different colors to make it easier to keep track of which one was yours as a coaster 😉 Enjoy!

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