6 tips for successful upper threading of THE Dream Machine 2

Yesterday on QUILTsocial I shared with you some of my tips for keeping THE Dream Machine 2‘s many accessories organized. Today we’re going to talk about the right way to put a spool of thread onto this extraordinary machine.

THE Dream Machine 2 from Brother

As I said yesterday, THE Dream Machine 2 from Brother comes with many, many accessories. These are just the various thread spool accessories that are included with the machine.

Thread spool accessories

 Although all of these strange looking accessories may seem overwhelming, they each have a specific purpose and they ensure that your thread unwinds from the spool correctly to get the very best stitch quality. Today I’ll go over mounting threads on the two horizontal spool pins on the machine and tomorrow we’ll talk about the spool stand.


The main spool pin on THE Dream Machine 2 can be angled upward to easily slide on a spool of thread.

The main spool pin, angled upward


Always use a spool cap that’s slightly larger than the end of the thread spool. Push the cap onto the spool pin as far as possible to help prevent the thread from becoming tangled on the pin. If the spool cap is too small, the thread may become caught in the slit on the end of the spool and cause the needle to break.

The spool cap


Make sure the thread unwinds from the front (bottom) of the spool as you can see in the photo.

The thread unwinds from the front (bottom) of the spool.

Tip 4

The thread spool insert is used with mini king thread spools or other spools that have a core which is 12mm in diameter.

The thread spool insert

First slide the mini king spool onto the main spool pin and then slide on the thread spool insert and push it in as far as it will go into the spool.

Mini king spool on the main spool pin


When sewing with metallic thread a spool net is used to keep the thread from unwinding off of the spool too quickly.

Metallic thread and spool net

The spool net can be folded in half so that it’s the same length as the spool of thread. The thread is then placed on the pin with a spool cap in the same manner as before, making sure that the thread is unwinding from the spool at the bottom (front).

Spool net folded in half


Follow all of these same processes to place a spool of thread on the supplemental spool pin of THE Dream Machine 2. You would use this spool pin if you wanted to wind a bobbin while sewing or if you wanted to sew with a twin needle.

Supplemental spool pin

When you place your thread spool on the machine correctly it ensures that you have a consistent tension and won’t break a needle because the thread becomes entangled on the spool. In addition to these two horizontal spool pins, THE Dream Machine 2 also has a removable spool stand that you can use for larger spools of thread. Tomorrow I’ll give you more tips for using it! See you then.

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